Yer Off the Map Mate, Here Thar Be Monsters!

Sign aboard with our undead crew this Memorial Day as we celebrate “Return of the May of the Dead” at Guardian Games!

We’re takin’ a break from our regular Open Pirate Gaming night this Monday, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be pirates in port!  Instead, come down to Guardian Games on Memorial Day fer Return of the May of the Dead, Portland’s only zombie-themed game day!  In celebration of this undead event, Ensign Carrotbeard will be hosting a Pirates scenario that will require you to sign the articles with Davy Jones himself!

In addition, PDXYAR will be sponsoring an undead pirate costume contest!  Show up in yer best undead/zombie/skeleton pirate costume and be judged by our crew, with glorious prizes awarded!

Scenario: Here Thar Be Monsters!
Privateer: Ensign Carrotbeard
When: Monday, May 31 2010
Time: 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM (note the time change lads!)

Build: 60 points
Gold: 8 coins / 20 points
Islands: 3 (no Mysterious Islands)
Terrain: 3

You have two options for your fleet build.  Either a faction-pure Cursed fleet or a mixed faction Sea Creature fleet.  Sea Creature fleets can consist of a mix of Sea Monsters, Titans, Kraken/Octopus or Sea Dragons.

Each Wild Island is considered to be infested with Cannibals!  Once per turn, whenever a ship docks at a Wild Island, that ship’s controller rolls a D6.  On a 4-6, nothing occurs.  On a 1-3, the ship is attacked by the islands ravenous Cannibals!  This functions the exact same as the Cannibals Unique Treasure, in which the crew with the lowest point cost on the ship must be immediately eliminated.

All other rules and win conditions (Gold Wins the Game!) apply for this scenario.  Glorious undead pirate prizes will be provided to the game winner and Fellowship Award recipient!


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