Welcome to the crew.

With the onset of the fall colors comes the latest iteration of the PDXYAR digital home port. We’ve careened the ship, as it were… scraping the barnacles of our former website away in favor of this shiny new hull. Many thanks and huzzahs to Sven Forkbeard (Emperor of the North) for his excellent electronic shipwright skills, which were essential in bringing about this latest version of our website.

So, what can ye expect from PDXYAR.org v3.R?  For firsties, we’ll be actually adding all of the nifty accouterments that we promised in the last version of the site.


  • A calendar of upcoming events, appearances and pub raids.  Look to yer starboard side and ye’ll see it live!
  • Photos & bios of the PDXYAR crew.
  • An updated list of files and random digital musings that might make yer pirate gaming career simpler.
  • Rum.  (not really)

In addition, we’ve a few glorious additional sections of the site planned…

  • A complete how-to guide for building yer own Epic Scale Pirates fleet.
  • Regular pirate game reviews, sponsored by Guardian Games.
  • “Hagthorpe’s Bookshelf”: The only all-pirate book review service!
  • Message boards: So the crew can commiserate and lament or revel on their most recent glorious victory (read: defeat) at sea.
  • Rum. (alright, maybe a little)

Take a gander around and be sure to leave a comment if something strikes yer fancy, tickles yer pegleg or chaps yer parrot!  Also, remember to sign up for our Yahoo Group, to keep track of those missives that may have not landed on this site.

Welcome.  Huzzah.  Yar.


Ragnar “Redgoat” MacHaggis, Captain


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