The Weekend of GLORY!

Few times in the history of the entire world has so much transpired in a single weekend. In fact, there is so much happening scientists fear that a single weekend will fail to hold it, shattering the days into sharp fragments which will actually rip a hole in the universe itself. The only way to prevent the end of times is for each and every one of you to get out there and have as much fun as you can.

To that end, allow us to suggest a couple of ways to have great amounts of fun.

Rusty Scupper Pirate Daze

Captain Porkins will be leading a boat crew north to the shores of Westport, Washington today for the kick off the Rusty Scupper Pirate Daze. He and the crew will be on site all weekend at their encampment, located between the Outragous Fortune and the Jade Dragon Pirates. They will also be performing cannon shows (click here for a complete schedule of events) on all three days. If you make the trek up on Saturday there is a chance that you might be able to see our Captain in a tiny ship for a Mini Brig Battle.

PGC3 Geek Olympathon


Now, if you are unable to hear the sounding of the cannons with Captain Porkins, fear not. For this Saturday marks the return of a cherished event. It is when whole of Stumptown becomes a battleground of physical prowess and intellectual adroitness. It is the PGC3 Geek Olymathon.
Grab your bat’leth, pocket your copy of the Shadow Proclamation and load your team into the Quinjet for it all goes down this weekend.

Yes, the Olypathon is back and it is indeed better than ever. The competitive events list is long and distinguished. With challenges such as the iDope’s “Smart Phone Phorge”, Geek in the City’s “Name that Geek Tune”, Guardian Games’ “Defend the Game Shop” and much more (see the full lineup here), there is sure to be something to challenge even the most stalwart Geeks.

PDXYAR will once again be providing our pair of signature events; Liar’s Dice and the Scallywag Hunt.

Lair’s Dice
Between noon and 2pm you will be able to find crew members at the Magic Garden and from 2:30pm until 5 in the courtyard outside Bridge City Comics, waiting to take on all comers in a rousing game of Liar’s Dice. One member of your team can challenge the crew to a game with glory on the line. Each game should last around 20 minutes (if you are lucky).

Scallywag Hunt
Think of it as a scavenger hunt where you use clues to find piratical scallywags brazenly hiding somewhere in Portland. We will post first the identity of the target scallywag on Twitter and then provide a series of three progressively easier clues to help you locate them. Your objective is to locate the target, take a photo with him or her and then post it to Twitter (hash tagged with #scallywaghunt). We will be awarding first, second and third place medals in each of the three rounds that will run between noon and 5pm. Each team can only medal once in this event. While you may only win one medal in this event, you can attempt to place higher and trade up your medal.

Remember to follow @pdxyar on Twitter to participate in this event and to receive updates on all the latest piratical happenings.


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