The Total Pirate Weekend- Wonder Northwest, Geeklesque and More!

In the last few months you have seen the crew of PDXYAR in many lights. You have seen us at the Space Room when Dangerous Kids and PDXYAR have presented “Pirates” (which means you saw us clueless as to the inclusion of Kraken Rum in the drink dubbed the “Captain Redgoat”). We have helped put on Geeklesque, at Guardian Games, where an angry cleric almost left us leaderless. You have even seen us providing… shall we say, color at the Jolly Roger as Quiz Master Poly spun pirate trivia questions, at TFAW for Free Comic Book Day, on the ice of a Winter Hawks game and even on TV with Rick Emerson. Of course, if nothing else you have at least seen us shamelessly promoting our, now, successful Kickstarter campaign to build a pirate ship.

This coming weekend you will be able to see PDXYAR engaging in our usual shenanigans and skulduggery, but there will also be something new. In the midst of an exciting weekend packed with events such as the St. John Parade, the return of Geeklesque and the premier of the Wonder Northwest Expo, PDXYAR will get the chance to put on our living history hats… err… tri corns.

This Sunday, at the Wonder Northwest Expo, PDXYAR’s passion for living history will take the stage- literally. We will host our own panel entitled “Pirates: Fact & Ficton” from 2 until 2:45 on Sunday. In the panel, the privateers of PDXYAR discuss some of the truths, lies, myths, legends, and Hollywood “tall tales” regarding those who sailed the seas during the “Golden Age” of piracy. This promises to be an entertaining and lively discussion featuring questions and counter arguments from the audience.

Of course, the panel is not the only contribution that PDXYAR will be making to Wonder Northwest this weekend. Starting on Saturday and running through Sunday night, PDXYAR will have a mini-encampment and a merchandise booth on the vendor floor. This is on top of making general nuisances of ourselves, spontaneously breaking into shanty and more than likely engaging in a melee or two. Finally to round out the expo, our own Captain Redgoat will be one of the judges in Sunday afternoon’s costume competition, which will indeed have a Best Pirate Costume Award.

Now that you have put “2pm Wonder Northwest- PDXYAR panel” into your smart phone, I am willing to bet you are wondering about the other events I mentioned. First while the Forenoon Watch is crewing the booth at Wonder Northwest, a PDXYAR landing party will be joining in a tradition that has been around since 1962- the St. John’s Parade. We will be marching with other brethren in support of the Portland Pirate Festival in the parade which starts at noon. Click here for more details about the St. John’s Parade.

Rounding out our weekend is the return of an event we have been anxiously awaiting, Geeklesque! Special Edition. Once again PDXYAR will be sponsoring the event which promises an evening of sultry superheroines!… villainous vixens!… and fantastic flirts! If you made the standing-room-only show at Guardian Games, you know that this is a must see show. So, join us at the Bossanova Ballroom at 8pm on Sunday night.


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