The Swashbuckler of the Month- Master Dingo!

The Swashbuckler of the Month is a new feature where we highlight a member of the PDXYAR crew. Consider it sort of an employee of the month program, if you will. The exception being that sometimes we will select the crew member based on merit and diligent attention to their duties, while other times it is whomever threatened the selection committee the worst. I will leave it up to you to determine who fits in which category.

What is your name?

Domingo Sanchez Villareal is the name I currently use.

What is your position aboard El Tiburon?

I currently hold the positions of Sailing Master, Armsmaster and Shipwright, because I have too much free time, apparently. I need a higher pay grade!

Do you have a nickname, or something you prefer to be called?

My friends call me Dingo. Actually, my enemies probably call me Dingo, too. My mother did NOT call me Dingo, though.

If so, how did you get that nickname?

Long story short, I may possibly have spent a tiny bit of time in Australia due to a slight misunderstanding. Possibly. Maybe. I spent some time in a canoe with William Dampier. That should tell you something.

Where are you from?

Technically born in Dunkirk Scotland, raised across much of Scotland but mother moved to England before I was ten and I lost much of my accent and learned to fit in with the Sassenach. From there I reached my majority (or close to it) and toured Bavaria, learning all manner of stupid things that a young man learns.

What were your parents like?

Mother was loving, but stern. Her second husband, my stepfather, was a British widower, who was more stern and considerably less loving, given that he suddenly had an extra mouth to feed with no real skills, nor active desire to better itself.

Do you have any siblings?

I do not. I have several older step siblings, but we do not get along and the less said of them the better. Apparently once one begins raising a child such as myself, one decides they have achieved perfection. Either that, or they decide they’ve allowed hellspawn into their house and swear to never breed again.

How did you become a pirate/privateer?

After a brief period of time spent in Bavaria, I managed to sign on with a merchant ship going to Virginia, after a brief stop to in Jamaica. Whilst in Virginia I joined up with Captain John Cooke and raided with him for 3 years, taking various Spanish properties along the coasts of Peru and Mexico. It was while I spent time with this fleet that I met William Dampier, who would later be so important to me. Also during this time I developed a passing command of Spanish, which has since faded, siginificantly. Quite significantly.

How long have you been a member of the crew?

I have been onboard in various capacities approximately 18 months as a member of the El Tiburon. I was briefly in command, then recruited and put up for captain one Ragnar “Redgoat” McHaggis. Yes, I am responsible for that. Sue me when we get back to port.

Made any friends on board?

Many. All who are onboard consider Dingo a boon companion, yes? Yes?

What about enemies?

Jimmy Long Guns. And that damn monkey. Well, really, monkeys everywhere. It’s those damn thumbs of theirs. That just can’t be good for us.

How do you feel about the Spanish?

Warmly, they have provided me with an unwitting livelihood for some time.

When the ship approaches battle, how do you feel, personally?

Grim. Killing isn’t something to be done lightly, and when Dingo needs to kill he wants to do so as well as possible, so as to cause as little unnecessary pain and suffering as possible. Unless wounded of course, then it’s pain sandwiches all around.

Are you a fighter?

Oh, most definitely, yes. During my travels I acquired a series of skills. I learned to throw knives from a travelling troupe of Roma. From a curious Cossack I learned to throw hand axes, which is similiar to the tomahawk throwing styles I learned from a wounded Iriquios who I helped back to health. Before preying upon them I learned a touch of La Verdadera Destreza from a Spaniard I also learned most of my Spanish from. Only later did I learn he was in fact a Vasco (Basque). Lesson learned. From William Dampier I learned to use the cutlass and hanger, to great effect in keeping my hide intact. It was not until many years later that I learned to use pistol and shot, coaxed into such activities by one Ragnar “Redgoat” McHaggis.

Are you any good?

If not great, I am, at the very least prolific. Also, my willingness to throw a bucket at someone’s head has held me in good stead. My ingenuity and unique fighting style (if you can call it a “style”) make me not merely difficult to fight, but almost impossible to defeat. Not to mention that I’m a very, very fast runner.

How did you become so?

A truly misspent youth, adolescence and adulthood. I travelled through Scotland, England, Ireland, France, Spain, Bavaria, Germania, the Dutch Republic, Jamaica, the colonies (specifically Virginia) learning whatever I could along the way.

What weapons and tactics do you like to use?

Knives, from behind if possible, but otherwise I like to evade, obfuscate and then get inside, crippling and killing as fast as possible. If forced into a prolonged fight, I pray that I have shot and load in my pistol.

What’s your favorite color?

Grey. Shadows, ash and sharks, mate. This is the life of Domingo Sanchez Villareal.


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