The PDXYAR Holiday Shopping Guide- the Apparel

In our first installment we talked about music (click here if you missed that) now we are turning to some of the fine places and people who can dress you in just the right clothing. Behold the Apparel Shopping Guide!

Sock Dreams

The fabulous folks of Sock Dreams keep the the drawers of PDXYAR full with stripey knee-highs, and well they should: nobody knows socks like Sock Dreams! Whether you’re looking for men’s or women’s, tights or anklets, wool, cashmere, Nordic patterns, sharks, or anything and everything in between, they’ve got you covered from the toes up. They do more than socks, however; check their accessory selection of garters, arm and leg warmers, petticoats, and more! The best part? Order online and get free shipping, every day, anywhere in the US! Their staff is second to none, always ready to answer questions and, if you ask nicely, make a little doodle on your shipping invoice.

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Midnight Armor

Ava and Lagers, members of PDXYAR and owners of Midnight Armor, specialize in custom design costumes and accessories. Whether you’re looking for a piece to complete your set or a brand new ensemble, if you can dream it up, they can make it reality! Their specialties include period-appropriate pirate, Victorian, Renaissance, and Medieval garb, Steampunk, 501st approved Star Wars armor and more for both men and women. They pride themselves on the quality of their craftsmanship and promise to make you never want for an “off the shelf” costume ever again! Everything they make is built to be lived in and make your alternate (or not so alternate) ego become a reality! Contact them now for a free costume consultation!

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Damsel In This Dress

Official outfitter of many of PDXYAR’s wenches, she makes us all look drop-dead gorgeous on every budget. Her shops boast skirts of many lengths and bustles, hats, and her signature steel-and-fiberglass-boned corsets with ingenious twists like the empire corset (for the bellydancers and the pregnant wenches!), hoods, collars, long tails, short tails, two-piece sets, bustles, buttons, gunshell casings, garters…your options are virtually unlimited! Her deals on Artfire and Etsy are wonderful if you want premade and she takes customs for any design you could possibly need.

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Sakkara Clothing & Costume

Kim Sakkara is a PDX-based seamstress to bellydancers who like to look good and be comfortable, but her gorgeous costumes and accessories also work beautifully for piracy and firedancing! A bellydancer herself, Kim knows how to craft clothing that flows and flatters the movements of the wearer. Her lace and velvet works are utterly comfortable and yet look more stunningly beautiful on stage than something that feels as easy to slip on as yoga pants has any right to be. She outfits for every size, so both the petite and the goddess-sized can shop together, have excellent selection, and the advice of a woman who can create for all shapes.

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Finally there is one way this list could be complete without including began in 2003 and has since grown from just a dozen or so items of clothing to 600 products at last count, and they don’t count each size and color choice to come up with that number. It has moved from a spare bedroom in an apartment to the entire bottom floor of a multi residence building. Their main focus is on personalized service, the best customer service ever seen from a website, and to put a face on who you are sending your money to. When you visit the site, they want you to feel that you are walking into their stylish boutique where they hand you a cup of rum, take your measurements, and dress you .

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  1. You guys rock, we love hanging out with you guys. STK would like to remind all about our CHRISTMAS SALE BLOW OUT! $145 SM / MED / LG. $175 for XLG. Sale Ends Dec 25th or until Stock is gone…

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