The League of Extraordinary Pirates

It seems like we’ve been in drydock for far too long. Time to hoist the colors and set sail fer another Season of the PDXYAR League!

Many of our regular crew gathered at Guardian Games on Monday, April 28 for the inaugural game in Season 4 of the PDXYAR Pirates of the Cursed Seas League. If ye had the misfortune of not being among them, fear not! Tonight, and every other Monday hereafter, the League descends on our home port.

So, how does one sign the articles and come aboard? I’m so glad ye asked…

1. Read the Bylaws: These be more “rules” than “guidelines”. Not too many restrictions on yer fleet builds this season, but ye will want to set yer compass to the PIRATES LEAGUE tab at the top of this page fer all the specific whatnot fer League play.

2. Build Yer Fleet: We’re making this simple for ye. 50 points. No restrictions. That’s it.

3. Show Up!: Even if yer a greenhorn just learnin’ the game, our League nights are the perfect time to immerse yerself into what has become the most popular game among the PDXYAR crew.

So what are ye waitin’ for?  Grab yer ships (or procure some from the fine proprietors at Guardian Games) and set sail for glory!  All the details fer League play be listed below, so come down and join the crew!

PDXYAR League Nights – Season 4
7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Guardian Games

May 10
May 24
June 7
June 21
July 12


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