UPDATED: The Geek Olympathon is Nearly Upon Us!

UPDATE: Here is video of this morning’s opening ceremonies!

This weekend, Portland will bear witness to a never before seen event as PGC3 presents the Geek Olympathon!

OLYMPATHON 2011 from Zachary van Buuren on Vimeo.

For two days, at venues all around PDX, geeks will be called upon to demonstrate their prowess in events such as:

Racing the Tubes Alleycat Bicycle Race
Swords From Stones
Costume Contest
Long-Box Long-Jump
Ye Olde Scallywag Hunt
The Great Bagging and Boxing Race
Fruity Oaty Crafty
Left 4 Dead Last Man Standing
Liar’s Dice

PDXYAR will be around all weekend to celebrate everything Geek. Aside from the potential shanty, occasional sword fight and a bit of rum consumption, we will be running the Liar’s Dice competition on both Saturday and Sunday. We are also sponsoring the Ye Olde Scallywag Hunt(Hint: if you follow us on Twitter or “Like” us on Facebook you may be able to receive hints to help you win this event) through out the weekend.

You will definitely be able to find PDXYAR pirates at Saturday night’s Drink-a-thon (I know, shocking isn’t it?). While Music Du Jour (aka Ken Texley, aka Bosun’s Mate Fjørd Porkins) provides music, Captain Redgoat will share the hosting duties with Dawn AM of BookCycle PDX for an evening of Geek themed entertainment and thrills. Just to make sure things are exciting, PDXYAR will be playing with fire… literally. Greta, Main Mast, Pottie and Master Dingo will be doing a fire dancing performance that is sure to amaze and impress.

There is still time to get your team together! Register here and then compete for Glory! and magnificent prizes.


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