It be official, NECA acquires WizKids.


In what is likely the gaming industry’s worst-kept secret over the past couple of months, NECA announced today that they have acquired WizKids. The agreement between NECA and former-owner Topps includes HeroClix (of course) as well as Pirates of the Cursed Seas. Does this mean that we’ll finally see Return to Savage Shores? Will the broken distribution model for the game be fixed? Will Captain Redgoat get in trouble for stealing the name “Epic Scale” from the now-owners of the game?

All will be revealed… we hope.


Congratulations Basil

A big huzzah to Capt. Basil Drakestongue, the winner of this season’s PDXYAR ‘Pirates of the Cursed Seas’ league. And remember… revenge is a dish best served cold.


The Deuce

Courtesy of our own Dogan, here be a high-resolution scan of the rare Obago Deuce. There ain’t many of these ships floatin’ round the Main, so keep hold of yers if’n ye have one!

A look at what might have been…


We all know that ‘Return to Savage Shores’ was a lock as the next WizKids-produced expansion for our beleaguered game. Of course, this set was unceremoniously scuttled along with the rest of the company. So, have you wondered what ye might have been included with ‘Return’?

Thanks to artist Vincent Dutrait (who’s artwork in previous PotCS sets is legendary) we can now have a peek at a few familiar faces that may have made ‘Return’…

What’s that I see? A new Headhunter… perhaps even Havana Black? Sigh.

Check out this image and the rest of Dutrait’s amazing work with Pirates (and beyond) over at his official site.