This weekend you should embark in a short cruise down to Sherwood, Oregon for the Sherwood Fantasy Fair. This is a festival designed to combine the fun filled worlds of medieval, fantasy, folklore, fairey, pirate and a tiny bit of steampunk into a family friendly event. Blending blending historical fact, myth and popular fantasy. this  [ Read More ]

Make a clean sweep fore and aft, brace the mizen and set out the boarding netting for Wonder Northwest is luffing up on the larboard quarter! That is a call that should set your feet aflitter for there is naught else that celebrates all that is geek like this event.. Returning for the second, year  [ Read More ]

The cataclysmic crash of cannon stealing the air from your lungs, the explosive report of a musket as it’s butt drives back into your shoulder and the feel of a blade leaving your hand to spiral towards a distant target all have the power to transport one back through the veils of time to a  [ Read More ]

Pirates Return to the Space Room Lounge!

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Legend has foretold of a shining city beneath a towering mountain where culture and peace flourish. Yet, the Ancient Seers knew it was not to remain so for long. They have seen visions of great sails billowing and a stout wooden vessel making port in the the fair city under a flag of black. They  [ Read More ]

PDXYAR Invades Maher’s Irish Pub

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This weekend set a course for Lake Oswego and join of the PDXYAR crew at Maher’s Irish Pub. If you missed our first two outings at Maher’s you can make up for it on Friday, January, 20th at 9pm. Join us for a fine evening of pirates, shanties, fine beverages and sumptuous foods! What: PDXYAR  [ Read More ]

Women of Wonder Day 2011

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Once again PDXYAR has been invited to participate in Women of Wonder Day (previously Wonder Woman Day) being held at Excalibur Comics. This is the six year for this fabulous event which raises money for Domestic Violence charity programs. It has been so successful that from 2006-2010, the five Wonder Woman Day events raised over  [ Read More ]

When you consider that International Talk Like a Pirate Day falls on a Monday this year, it is exceedingly important for you to choose your night’s entertainments with care. You don’t want to waste your evening on some lame event and then have to wait another 364 days for ITLAPD to come around again. Luckily  [ Read More ]

PPF: The Complete PDXYAR Schedule of Performances

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As the Portland Pirate Festival is nearly upon us, it is time to make sure you are organized to maximize your time at the event (it is only two days, after all!). Below you will find a complete listing of the scheduled performances from PDXYAR. Remember that no matter the time, the PDXYAR encampment will  [ Read More ]

Tonight will be a special one at Bridge City Comics as they present Geek Girl Awesome with Marian Call and the DoubleClicks. This, Bridge City Comics’ very first Concert in the Courtyard, is a free show (artist donation requested) starting at 7pm. If you are not familiar with Marian Call, this is the perfect opportunity  [ Read More ]

Seafair Pirates Landing

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This weekend when Seattle’s Seafair Pirates land at Alki Beach PDXYAR will be there. With the events kicking off at 9:30 this Saturday, the pirates are scheduled to storm the beach between 11:30 and 12:30pm (seriously, did you expect pirates to get up earlier than that?) and mark the official opening of the Seafair Season  [ Read More ]