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“Some thirteen years ago when convincing my wife to move to Portland, Oregon, instead of extolling the cities glorious nature, or the compelling mix of political views, I should have just sold Portland to her by saying, ‘It’s got pirates.'”

Rick Emerson

Earlier this month, PDXYAR’s Captain Redgoat and Sailing Master Dingo appeared on the TV32’s Outlook Portland with Rick Emerson to discuss all things pirate and to delve deeply into particularities of being a swashbuckler in Stumptown. If you missed the show (and let’s face it, the show airs a little earlier than most scallywags can shake themselves loose from the rack) here is your chance. The episode, in all it’s glory, has been uploaded to the show’s YouTube channel.

Enjoy the show, broken into 4 segments, below and don’t forget to check out Outlook Portland as well as Rick Emerson’s “Emerson News Network.”

PDXYAR Engages in Video Pirating!

Lights…Camera… Pirates!

PDXYAR is filed with swashbuckling pride to announce the launching of our new video page and our very own YouTube channel.

Now, if ye be the inquisitive sort, you might be thinking, “why both?” and a good question it would be too.  Since you asked we have an answer for you.  In the murky, ever shifting, waters of the interwebs, there lies buried treasure the likes of which might be video clips showing the mutinous crew of PDXYAR engaged in various acts of piracy.  As we uncover these we will link to them on the video page.

To check out these video click here, or you can now also find “Videos” in the menu at the top of the page.

On the other hand, there are times we will capture members of the crew in action ourselves, and these videos we will post to the YouTube channel.  Which means, if our illustrious Sailing Master Domingo Sanchez Villeréal, or “Dingo” to his friends, were to be seen dancing a jig along a busy city street, it might look something like this:

We here at PDXYAR shamelessly recommend you follow this link to our YouTube channel and become a subscriber. Doing so will enable you to know when future additions are made to channel.

If you happen to be digging for interwebs treasure and strike gold in terms of a video featuring the crew of PDXYAR, please pass signals to our Helmsman, Ramrod McMurphy. We will see about putting in on videos page, and you will have our thanks.

[Updated] Bilgerats & Pyrettes to Play the Hawthorne Theatre December 19th

[Update] From Bilgerats & Pyrettes:”Tonight is the night. For you who purchased hard copy tickets from us in advance, you’ll be on the WILL CALL list, just in case you lose that ticket. We will be playing before 9:00 pm, if that helps! See you all tharrrrr!!!!”

[Update] It has been announced that there will be a couple additions to the show. PDXYAR’s own Captain Redgoat will be preforming a special telling of “A Pirate’s Night Before Christmas.” As well, Captain Whitebeard himself will be making an appearance!

Plunderous pirate music is set to take the stage as the Bilgerats and Pyrettes play the Hawthorne Theatre this December 19th. Join this crew of miscreant musicians, which includes some of our very own PDXYAR mates, as they preform a truly unique acoustic collection of pirate themed music in an all ages show. For those not fortunate enough to have experienced Bilgerats & Pyrettes before, you can expect to enjoy music includes traditional sea shanties, along with original compositions and familiar contemporary pieces


For the pirate community, this is more than just another show. Bilgerats & Pyrettes is the very first pirate band booked to play an Afton show at the Hawthorne Theatre. Ticket pre-sales is done in advance and the numbers of tickets sold will determine when they play and if they are invited to ever play the venue again. If this is your kind of music make sure to get your tickets and help expand its reach!

Order Tickets HERE!

For more information on Bilgerats & Pyrettes:

Their downloadable single found here
Connect with the band on Facebook
Enjoy some of their music below:


Concert Details:

When: Decemeber 19th

Time: Doors open at 6:45. Playing order to be determined by ticket sales

What: An all ages concert (cash bar with a valid ID only)

Cost: $10 advanced tickets/ $12 at the door

Where: The Hawthorn Theatre, 1507 SE 39th Ave, Portland (Note: Online maps may place the theatre at 3862 Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard)

Why: Because you are a pirate- enough said

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