Geek Olympathon is Upon You!

Once again the seminal moment of your geek year is upon up. We are talking about the annual opportunity to prove your inner geek Kung Fu is strong as you pit your mind, body and even your very soul against other like minded individuals with #GLORY! and fabulous prizes on the line.

Yes, the PGC3 Geek Olympathon is upon us.

PDXYAR will be taking part in the festivities again this year as we return with both the epic Liar’s Dice Tournament as well as the Ye Olde Scallywag Hunt! This year you will be competing for gold, silver or bronze coins. Those coins are worth 30, 20 and 10 points and at the end of the day you will turn in your coins to determine your overall placement in the Olympathon. Read on for the details of how PDXYAR can help you achieve geek glory.

Liar’s Dice

One member of each team will play against four pirates in a five player game. Each game will last roughly 20 minutes.

There will be two location where Liar’s Dice will be played:

10am – 1pm at the Backspace Cafe
2pm – 5pm at the Magic Gardens (21+)

Don’t be intimidated if you have never played Liar’s Dice. Our pirate trainers are standing by to teach the ways of the game!

Ye Olde Scallywag Hunt

Think of it is a scavenger hunt, but instead of looking for a thing, you are hunting pirates! We will post clues to Twitter and Facebook on which member of the PDXYAR crew you are to find and you will race the other teams to find them. Each round will start with posting photos of your targets and will be followed by three clues, the first being the hardest, and getting progressively easier. The object is to find the scallywag and post of photo of you with them to Twitter or Facebook.

Your reward for achieving this lofty goal is a shiny coin. We will award gold, silver and bronze coins to the first, second and third team to find and post a photo with the target. This year we are making a modification to the rules: each team can only be awarded one coin. We will run four rounds of the game, so everyone will get a chance for the GOLD!

Tips and Tricks

  • Don’t forget to use the Twitter hashtag #olympathon throughout the event and #scallywaghunt for during our competition. #olympathon trended huge last year, let’s do it again!
  • To make sure you get all the clues, Follow @PDXYAR on Twitter or “Like” PDXYAR on Facebook.
  • When you post the photo of you with the target, make sure to mention or tag PDXYAR so we can be sure to see your victory.
  • Just because you see a pirate walking someplace, don’t assume that they will be the next target. We will be employing decoys to ferret out those who might want to get the edge on the competition.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and don’t be afraid to hustle. This game was very popular last year so you are likely to be up against some stiff competition.
  • Since your team can only get one coin, you might want to employ some game theory. You have 4 rounds to acquire a coin of varying point values, if you see that someone else has won the round do you go for the silver coin and the sure points. or do you wager on being able to get the gold in the next round? The evaluation of risk/reward vs the probabilities of placing should keep you busy for a while.

PGC3 Presents the Epic WINter Formal

On Friday the 16th, the The Portland Geek Councll of Commerce and Culture is throwing their second annual holiday gala. After last year’s incredibly successful “Geeky Wonderland”, the PGC3 returns this year with the “Epic WINter Formal.” Join PDXYAR and other PGC3 member organizations at the Someday Lounge for this free event, with special performances, activities and door prizes.

This will be an evening of music, games, dancing and entertainment to remember. From 10pm until 1am, gloriously geeky sets will be featured onstage from Critical Hlt Burlesque, Cognition:The Robot Uprlse, The Unscriptables, Sock Dreams and yes, PDXYAR. There will also be the musical stylings of Reverend Mrs., with DJ sets provided by Mr. Romo and Michael Grimes between 6 and 10pm. Throughout the night you can partake in some free-play classic video game cabinets, provided by Ground Kontrol.

Costumes are not required at this open to the public event, but they are encouraged.

Lest I forget to mention- there will also be great door prizes donated by Geek in the City, Guardian Games, Ground Kontrol, Backspace, Jupiter Hotel and many others.

Lastly, while this is a free event, a $5 donation at the door will gain you access to the VIP Area. Here you will enjoy a private cash bar and retro game consoles. All proceeds will go to benefit the Children’s Healing Art Project

When: Friday, December 16th from 6pm to 2am
Cost: FREE (with the option of a $5 donation to enter the VIP area)
Where: Someday Lounge

125 NW 5th Avenue
Portland, OR 97209

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Seafair Pirates Landing

This weekend when Seattle’s Seafair Pirates land at Alki Beach PDXYAR will be there. With the events kicking off at 9:30 this Saturday, the pirates are scheduled to storm the beach between 11:30 and 12:30pm (seriously, did you expect pirates to get up earlier than that?) and mark the official opening of the Seafair Season

PDXYAR will be a part of the street fair again this year. Visit with us at our booth and engage us over a piratical game or two. Besides the Liar’s Dice, this weekend will mark the return of the Epic Scale Pirates game! Of course, you can always expect the possibility of a spontaneous shanty or maybe even random sword fight. We will be there from around 9:30 (or as soon as the Captain manages to shake the crew loose from the racks) and will be there until they kick us out.

Getting there:

Can’t Make It?

Now, we certainly understand if you are not able to follow us up to Seattle for the day, but if you can’t that leaves you no excuses! This weekend also marks the premiere of Trek in the Park. Don’t miss, “Mirror, Mirror,” or the bad, bearded Spock will know…

Rockaway Beach Pirate Festival

Fresh off the fun and excitement of the 2011 Geek Olympaton, PDXYAR will be returning to our regular pirating duties this weekend as we set course for the Rockaway Beach Pirate Festival. This first year of the Rockaway Beach pirate fest will feature not only PDXYAR, but there is also Treasure Hunt, Kids Scavenger Hunt and Sundown Submarine Races.

PDXYAR will be on hand Saturday and Sunday with a full line up pirate offerings. Beyond the PDXYAR Merchandise & Gaming Booths (open 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM on Saturday and 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM on Sunday) we will be offering the following entertainments:

Black Powder Performance: 12:00 PM – 12:30 PM
Sea Shanty Performance: 2:00 PM – 2:30 PM
Sword Fighting: 4:00 PM – 4:15 PM
Fire Dancing: 10:00 PM – 10:30 PM

After the Fire Dancing, join us for a raid on Rick’s Roadhouse!

Black Powder Performance: 12:00 PM – 12:30 PM
Sea Shanty Performance: 2:00 PM – 2:30 PM
Sword Fighting: 4:00 PM – 4:15 PM

Getting there:

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UPDATED: The Geek Olympathon is Nearly Upon Us!

UPDATE: Here is video of this morning’s opening ceremonies!

This weekend, Portland will bear witness to a never before seen event as PGC3 presents the Geek Olympathon!

OLYMPATHON 2011 from Zachary van Buuren on Vimeo.

For two days, at venues all around PDX, geeks will be called upon to demonstrate their prowess in events such as:

Racing the Tubes Alleycat Bicycle Race
Swords From Stones
Costume Contest
Long-Box Long-Jump
Ye Olde Scallywag Hunt
The Great Bagging and Boxing Race
Fruity Oaty Crafty
Left 4 Dead Last Man Standing
Liar’s Dice

PDXYAR will be around all weekend to celebrate everything Geek. Aside from the potential shanty, occasional sword fight and a bit of rum consumption, we will be running the Liar’s Dice competition on both Saturday and Sunday. We are also sponsoring the Ye Olde Scallywag Hunt(Hint: if you follow us on Twitter or “Like” us on Facebook you may be able to receive hints to help you win this event) through out the weekend.

You will definitely be able to find PDXYAR pirates at Saturday night’s Drink-a-thon (I know, shocking isn’t it?). While Music Du Jour (aka Ken Texley, aka Bosun’s Mate Fjørd Porkins) provides music, Captain Redgoat will share the hosting duties with Dawn AM of BookCycle PDX for an evening of Geek themed entertainment and thrills. Just to make sure things are exciting, PDXYAR will be playing with fire… literally. Greta, Main Mast, Pottie and Master Dingo will be doing a fire dancing performance that is sure to amaze and impress.

There is still time to get your team together! Register here and then compete for Glory! and magnificent prizes.