Lights…Camera… Pirates!

PDXYAR is filed with swashbuckling pride to announce the launching of our new video page and our very own YouTube channel.

Now, if ye be the inquisitive sort, you might be thinking, “why both?” and a good question it would be too.  Since you asked we have an answer for you.  In the murky, ever shifting, waters of the interwebs, there lies buried treasure the likes of which might be video clips showing the mutinous crew of PDXYAR engaged in various acts of piracy.  As we uncover these we will link to them on the video page.

To check out these video click here, or you can now also find “Videos” in the menu at the top of the page.

On the other hand, there are times we will capture members of the crew in action ourselves, and these videos we will post to the YouTube channel.  Which means, if our illustrious Sailing Master Domingo Sanchez Villeréal, or “Dingo” to his friends, were to be seen dancing a jig along a busy city street, it might look something like this:

We here at PDXYAR shamelessly recommend you follow this link to our YouTube channel and become a subscriber. Doing so will enable you to know when future additions are made to channel.

If you happen to be digging for interwebs treasure and strike gold in terms of a video featuring the crew of PDXYAR, please pass signals to our Helmsman, Ramrod McMurphy. We will see about putting in on videos page, and you will have our thanks.