PDXYAR Heads North to Join the Pirate Kings of the Northwest!

Avast, me buckos!  This weekend our ship be pointed north as we sail up to Seattle for the Seafair Pirate Landing!

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4th Annual Portland Pirate Festival = WIN


The ship is back in port, the stores unloaded and the crew on shore leave. The 4th Annual Portland Pirate Festival has come and gone, leaving the rum-soaked memories of a glorious weekend with some of our favorite piratical friends. There are so many who made PDXYAR’s booth at this year’s Pirate Fest a success, we’re certain that we’d leave someone out by listing them all. But hell… we’ll try it anyway.

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Tortuga in YARgust!

PDXYAR and Guardian Games presents…
In conjunction with the 4th Annual Portland Pirate Festival

– Tortuga in YARgust! –

Saturday, August 29th
11am – 10pm
Guardian Games – 303 SE 3rd Ave, Portland

‘Tortuga in YARgust!’ is an all-day all-pirate gaming event, hosted by PDXYAR and Guardian Games to promote the 4th Annual Portland Pirate Festival. The privateers of PDXYAR will be on-hand to give demos of a wealth of pirate-themed games, including…

– WizKids Pirates of the Cursed Seas
– PDXYAR Epic Scale Pirates
– Savage Worlds Pirates of the Spanish Main role-playing campaign
– Zombies! Treasure Island (a piratical expansion for Zombies! by Twilight Games, designed by PDXYAR’s Adm. Hagthorpe MacGuffin)
– A host of bucaneerin’ card games (Loot, Scallywags, Scurvy Musketeers of the Spanish Main)
– Morgan’s Revenge
– Under the Crossbones (designed by PDXYAR’s own Sharkbait)

But wait, thar be more!
– A boatload of giveaways including pirate games and tickets to the Portland Pirate Fest!
– Pirate movies / music throughout the day.
DressLikeaPirate.com will be on hand to show ye how to be best prepared for the Guinness World Record Attempt at the Largest Pirate Gathering at this year’s Portland Pirate Festival.
– A raid by the B.O.O.M. pirates!
– Show up in yer best pirate outfit and receive 25% off anything in the store.
– Learn to play any pirate game in a demo and receive 10% off anything in the store.
– Stay late and enjoy a special after hours adults-only party from 11:00 PM – 12:00 AM!

Check the following sites fer more information and a schedule of events as the date draws nigh…

And remember, gold wins the game!

– Redgoat MacHaggis, Capt.