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Let the pirate nation know only true buccaneers, scallywags and rogues hail from the Pacific Northwest!

Pirates Magazine is holding their annual Devil’s Dozen competition, where 13 pirates from across the nation will be selected to join the dreaded Order of the Leviathan.  Winners will be selected by popular vote and will be keelhauled (er, crowned) at a celebration next April in Maryland.   We’ve got more than our share of nefarious scallywags in the Pacific Northwest and three local pirates have been nominated in the competition.  Ye may have seen any one of these rogues in yer travels with PDXYAR.  We’ve become good mates with the lot of ’em and wholeheartedly support each of their candidacy in the Devil’s Dozen competition.

Pirates Magazine

Show yer support for yer favorite notorious na’er-do-well by casting yer vote for any one of our pirate brethren by clicking HERE.

Margot La Mechante de Marseilles

Margot La Mechante de Marseilles: Margot is ship’s navigator and member of the Brotherhood of Oceanic Mercenaries.  She is also one of the driving forces behind the Portland Pirate Festival, making her one of the most notorious wenches on the Northwest coast.

Capt. Morrigan Quicksilver
: Captain of The Raven and proprietor of Quicksilver’s Pirate Pots.  Quicksilver’s special “Apple Pie” rum concoction has been the cause of many a bleary-eyed morn’.

The MacKay

Jeff MacKay: Known as “The MacKay” to most, this pirate is a jack-of-all-trades… literally.  Set a course to Captain Jack’s Pirate Hats or the Pirate Trading Company for a full display of The MacKay’s accouterments.  Yer not worth yer salt if ye ain’t sportin’ one of his custom-made pirate hats on yer noggin!


  1. Thank ye kindly fer posting this event, me hearties!
    As much as I love me pirate brethren, the beautiful Margot and the rascally MacKay, I highly encourage ye all to vote fer me!
    I promises ye that if elected, I’ll be sellin’ ye corn at less than a buck an ear!
    ~ MQ

  2. Merci aussi for the posting, fine gentlemen of PDX Yar! I raise my tankard to Quicksilver and Mackay (bons amis de moi) for sharin’ berth on that list with a wench such as moi-meme. Mais, pardon-moi Morrigan, seein’ as how I am the ONLY wench on the entire list, I believe I am deservin’ of the vote. How else will Portland Pirate Festival be represented back east in April, Dieu knows we need the publicity. Vive les femmes, vive les wench captains!! Yars truly, Margot

  3. Thanks mates! for all yer votes in the Devil’s Dozen Competition. As ye all know by now, not only did one of the three from the Northwest make the cut, but all three of us. I am happy to serve with my friends and fellow Pirate Lords Margot la Merchante du Marsailles and Captain Morrigan Quicksilver. Thanks again!

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