Set Sail fer GameStorm!

Spend yer spring break with our band of misfits and rogues at the Pacific Northwest’s premiere gaming event!


Join PDXYAR this weekend at GameStorm 12

March 26th – 28th
Hilton Vancouver Washington

Dust off yer tricorn, mate.  Here there be pirates!  PDXYAR will once again be at GameStorm and this year, we’ve got a shipload of new games to show off!  Look for our pirates as we host games of Epic Scale Pirates, privateer tournaments of Pirates of the Cursed Seas and await yer challenge in Pirate Gaming with PDXYAR.

A full schedule of events has been posted over at the official GameStorm website.  Pick yer battle o’ choice and then pilot yer sloop down to the Vancouver Hilton.  Whether it be a “friendly” game of Liar’s Dice or a boisterous round of Epic Scale Pirates, we’ll accept any challenge from ye blackhearted scallywags.

Keep yer cutlass sharp and yer powder dry, mate.  Just remember… GOLD WINS THE GAME!


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