UPDATED: See Pirates of the Caribbean IV with Pirates!

UPDATES for the Tonight’s show:

  • Doors open at 10:30
  • Pre-film entertainment by the Bilge Rats & Pyrettes!
  • Free small popcorn to anyone attending in a pirate costume! (But, ye have to don yer finest piratical attire to qualify fer this special deal. Meanin’, ye need to be wearin’ more than just an eyepatch an’ a plastic hook!)
  • Glorious door prizes, courtesy of PDXYAR and the Roseway Theater!

“Pirates of the Caribbean- on Stranger Tides” hits theaters this weekend and it is time for you to make plans to join PDXYAR at the Roseway Theater. The Privateers of Stumptown will be descending on Portland’s finest digital theater for two shows.

To start with we will, be celebrating the movie’s release by adding our own piratical flair to Friday’s midnight showing. Get there early for the pre show entertainment, provided by PDXYAR and come adorned in your pirate best for chances to win glorious prizes. Tickets are on sale now

If you can’t make it to the Friday night show, you will have another chance to take in the movie with style… errr- class… well, there will be pirates. PDXYAR will be noon showing of the movie on Saturday as well.

Stay tuned to PDXYAR on Twitter and Facebook for more info on the pre-show entertainment.

Getting to the Roseway Theater:

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