Seafair Pirates Landing

This weekend when Seattle’s Seafair Pirates land at Alki Beach PDXYAR will be there. With the events kicking off at 9:30 this Saturday, the pirates are scheduled to storm the beach between 11:30 and 12:30pm (seriously, did you expect pirates to get up earlier than that?) and mark the official opening of the Seafair Season

PDXYAR will be a part of the street fair again this year. Visit with us at our booth and engage us over a piratical game or two. Besides the Liar’s Dice, this weekend will mark the return of the Epic Scale Pirates game! Of course, you can always expect the possibility of a spontaneous shanty or maybe even random sword fight. We will be there from around 9:30 (or as soon as the Captain manages to shake the crew loose from the racks) and will be there until they kick us out.

Getting there:

Can’t Make It?

Now, we certainly understand if you are not able to follow us up to Seattle for the day, but if you can’t that leaves you no excuses! This weekend also marks the premiere of Trek in the Park. Don’t miss, “Mirror, Mirror,” or the bad, bearded Spock will know…


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