Scenario for Next League Game: 4/28 @ Ancient Wonders!


Here be the complete scenario information for our next League game night. Remember, ye don’t have to be a member of the PDXYAR League to sail yer fleet against us. In fact, we’re steadily gatherin’ new recruits at each game! Are ye ready to sail under the black flag?

Location: Ancient Wonders – Tualatin, OR
Time: 7:00 PM – 9:30 PM
Privateer: Giles Seamus Hagthorpe MacGuffin, Adm.

Game Build: Constructed – 51 points total = 40 points + PotC ‘Promo’ Flying Dutchman* (11 points)
Islands: 3
Terrain: 3
Gold: 8 pieces totaling 15 points

– Every player starts with an 11 pt. PotC Promo Flying Dutchman*.
– Your initial Dutchman will take the nationality of your fleet build (if appropriate).
– Each captured Dutchman will retain it’s “build nationality” (per standard rules)
– Each non-derelict Flying Dutchman under your control at the end of the game is worth +10 gold.
– “Non-derelict” means that it has at least one mast.
– “Under your control” means that you are able to give it an “Action”.
– “+10 gold” means that you are just that much closer to winning the game.

*We’ll have these promo ships available for free to those who don’t currently have them.

Questions? Comments? Rum? Head on over to our Yahoo group and we’ll do our best to field them all. Or, send a missive to


Redgoat MacHaggis, Capt.


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