RCCC- Visit the PDXYAR Booth and Join Our Panel!


Avast ye swabs! Beat to quarters, haul out the long nines, and make ready fer a broadside! Join the privateers of PDXYAR for a week’s worth of sailing, shanties, stories and work… crammed into one hour! You’ll join the crew of El Tiburon, get yer orders from the governor and set sail for glory on the high seas. Learn the duties and responsibilities of the ship’s crew and her officers. Will you be elected as Captain, assigned the duties of ship’s Bo’sun or just work as a member of the crew? This interactive panel will teach you about life aboard a tall ship in the 17th century, with a heavy dose of role playing. Welcome aboard, mates!

Also we’ll be hanging the backdrop for photos, allowing people to “Join the Crew” and ringing a bell incessantly and generally making nuisances of ourselves.

You will be finding us for “Sailing Under the Black Flag: A Journey Aboard El Tiburon!” in Panel Room 7 from 4 to 4:50pm on Saturday, as well as booth 315 all weekend!



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