Pirates League Scenario: Weeks 8 & 9!

Avast mates!  Season 3 of the PDXYAR Pirates of the Cursed Seas League is but three games away from its end!  Since we of the Brethren Court are generous pirates, we decided to give ye a bit more time for yer fleet building.  Read on fer details of the next TWO games…

Week 8: Monday, Feb 8th @ Guardian Games

Time: 7:30 PM – 9:45 PM
Privateer: Captain Ragnar “Redgoat” MacHaggis (scenario created with assistance from Commodore Guapo del Negro)

Scenario: A Game of Titanic Proportions
Build: 40 points
Gold: 8 coins / 20 gold
Islands: 3
Terrain: Each player provides 5 icebergs: one each of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Build restrictions:
– Each fleet is allowed only one named crew. This crew gains the “Ransom” keyword, if it does not already have it.
– Ships with the “Icebreaker” keyword are disallowed for this scenario.
– Ships or crew that posses the ability to ignore or reduce damage inflicted by Icebergs, either via a printed or inherent ability, is subject to a +3 point addition to their cost  (E.G.: Ghost Ships & Native Canoes, abilities that can “ignore terrain.”)

In this scenario, Icebergs do not stop moving once they come into contact with another piece of terrain or an island. Icebergs that come into contact with other icebergs or islands will “drag” those game pieces the next time they are moved.

Week 9: Monday, Feb 22nd @ Guardian Games

Time: 7:30 PM – 9:45 PM
Privateer: Sven Forkbeard, Emperor of the North (scenario created with assistance from Arrrlene Arrrthur and Greta Isabella Thorbjornson)

Scenario: Giving the Little Guys a Chance
Build: 50 points
Gold: 8 coins / 20 gold
Island: 3
Terrain: 3

Build restrictions:
– No ship with an initial point cost of more than 10 points is allowed
in this scenario.
– The UT Odin’s Revenge’ is disallowed for this scenario.

Details on the PDXYAR League Season 3 Finale are coming soon!


  1. Ok, I’ll be the first to ask. What if we don’t have 5 icebergs? Would it be possible to scan Icebergs (1-5) on a scanner & post the file for individual printing?

  2. Sven Forkbeard, Emperor of the North

    I’m sure we’ll be able to prevail upon Redgoat and the Admiral to provide extra icebergs. But just in case, I’ll try to get a scan of all 5 icebergs up by mid-week.

  3. Your can be assured that The Admiral and I will bring along every extra \’berg that we can find. Though Sven\’s idea of making photocopies might not be a bad move 🙂

  4. Sven Forkbeard, Emperor of the North

    A bit late, but a sheet of icebergs is posted on the PDXYar Yahoo group in the Files section.

  5. Ahoy,

    How soon is the next season of league play startin!? In the meantime, is it safe to assume on Mondays where Pirate Open Gaming is scheduled at Guardian, there will be Pirates of the Cursed Seas being played?

  6. Aye mate, ye’ll get no rest from us! We’ll be at Guardian Games every Monday at 7pm, ready to cross blades with any bilge rat what has the courage to challenge our crew! Also, look fer an announcement regarding Season 4 of the PDXYAR Pirates League to be posted very soon!


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