Pirates League Scenario: Monday, May 24

Give yer Pirate fleet a rest fer this game.  They’ve claimed gold on ALL the islands and ye will need more than a fleet of canoes and sloops to take it back!

WEEK 3: Monday, May 24th 2010
Time: 7:30 PM – 9:45 PM
Venue: Guardian Games
Privateer: Captain Jack Cross, the Rogue Saint

Scenario: MY Island!
Build: 50 points
Gold: 8 coins / 20 value, limit 1 Unique Treasure
Islands: 3 / No Mysterious Islands
Terrain: 2

Fleet builds must be faction-pure (ships must be of the same nationality) but CANNOT be Pirate.

Each Wild Island will be occupied by a Pirate Marine.  This Marine will remain on the island, taking a single 3S shot once per turn at ANY target that comes within S of the island.  This shooting action is considered a function of the island itself and thus cannot be copied or canceled.  Pirate Marines can be eliminated by being successfully hit with two shots from the same shoot action.  Pirate Marines MUST be eliminated before the island can be marked as explored.


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