Pirates League Scenario: Monday, June 7

Time to build yer fleet, mates!  This week’s scenario has our reigning League Champion running and old-fashioned game of blood and gold!

Week 4: Monday, June 7 2010
Time: 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Venue: Guardian Games
Privateer: Sir Steevn Basil Drakestongue

Scenario: Blood n’ Money
Build: 50 points
Gold: 10 coins / 20 value / NO Unique Treasure!
Islands: 3
Terrain: 3

Build restrictions: You may have no more than 5 masts in your fleet.
Masts include sea creature segments and submarine segments. Flags
attached to Forts or Flotillas do NOT count towards this limit. Sails
on Native Canoes are also excluded from this limit.

House rules in effect: Around The World / Trading Fire

Trading Fire:
When an attacking ship fires on a defending ship, the defender may
return fire with any cannons it has in range.

The attacker may roll for all of its available cannons before the
defender rolls for return fire. If the attacker rolls a “6” for any
of its cannons during the initial attack, the defender removes the
mast (and associated cannon) immediately and may not use that cannon
to return fire. Cannons that are not eliminated when masts are
removed may still return fire.

The defender may return fire only against the attacking ship and may
not fire upon other enemy ships within range.

The defender may return fire during an attacking player’s turn with
only the number of cannons that would be available during a single
shoot action. The defender is not required to fire all available
cannons at an attacking ship and may reserve available cannons for
subsequent attacks from other ships made during the attacking player’s

In multi-player games, a defending ship may return fire during each
attacking player’s turns with all of its currently available cannons.


  1. Can you elaborate a little more on how trading fire works?
    -may the defending player fire from other ships that are in range? For instance, if an attacking player is in between two of the defender’s ships, and only fires on one, can both return fire? It seems like this should be allowed, if flotillas and forts are allowed.

    -Attacking fire *only* counts if the attacker rolls a 6??? Or do you mean that 6s remove a mast immediately, and a hit with a lower number removes a mast still, but only *after* the defender has had a chance to fire back?

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