Pirates League Scenario: Monday, July 19

We’ve been sailing to so many different shores over the past few weeks that this latest League night was completely off me map!  We’re reachin’ back into the annals of history fer this game and have pulled a scenario that hasn’t been seen since Season 2!

Scenario: Sailing from Tortuga
Privateer: Captain Ragnar “Redgoat” MacHaggis
Venue: Guardian Games, Portland
Time: 7/19/10  7pm – 10pm

Build Total – 50 points
Gold – 10 pieces totaling 20 points
Islands – 3 (Mysterious Islands disallowed)
Terrain – 3 (maximum of one Unique Treasure per person)

– Tortuga is a mega-island (provided by the privateer) located in the center of the play area.
– Build your fleet (ships and crew) for 50 points.
– Dock a minimum of 20 points of your fleet at Tortuga.
– Ships docked at Tortuga are considered “safe” and may not be shot at.
– At the beginning of the game, you “own” only a fleet totaling a maximum of 30 points, including crew.  This fleet sails from your home island.
– “Around the World” is in play. Your ship(s) may sail off one edge of the table and back onto it on the opposite side.
– You must “buy” your additional crew and ships from Tortuga with gold found on wild islands.
– 1 gold point = 1 build point and must be carried to and redeemed at Tortuga.
– Gold used for buying crew and ships is removed from the game.
– Change will not be made.
– Gold (on home islands and ships) wins the game.
– All abilities that alter the initial point cost/build (+5 pts to build, crew cost -1 each, etc.) can be used for ships waiting at Tortuga, but NOT on first 30 points ship/crew cost that sail from your home island.

And don’t forget, the dates for the remainder of our League games and all of PDXYAR’s summer appearances are posted on our Events page!


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