Pirates League Scenario: Monday, January 25

Do you spend most of yer games avoiding terrain? Are you content with leaving Reefs and Sargasso Seas safely in yer wake? No longer! Let no joyful voice be heard once you enter… THE MIST!

WEEK 7: Monday, Jan 25th, 2010
Time: 7:30 PM – 9:45 PM
Venue: Guardian Games
Privateer: Captain Jack Cross, the Rogue Saint

Scenario: Mysterious, mysterious!
Build: 40-Points
Gold: 20 coins/20 value, limit 1 Unique Treasure
Islands: 5
Terrain: Bring 2 each Sargasso, Reef, and Whirlpool as markers.

In this scenario, islands may be placed within 2L or each other and are considered shrouded by mist (not fog).

Any time a ship (or creature) ends its movement within S of an island (including all but your own home island), roll a d6 and consult the following chart for terrain that may be encountered in the surrounding shroud:

1-2 = Sargasso
3 = Reef
4 = Whirlpool
5-6 = No terrain

Terrain effects are per ship and may vary for each ship that approaches an island (i.e. terrain may overlap but doesn’t effect adjacent ships).

The ability to “explore an island from S away” is modified to give the Player the option of making a second roll for fog shrouded terrain when approaching an island but does NOT explore the island.

The ability to “ignore terrain” costs an additional 5 build points per instance.

Whirlpool results do not require the player to move his/her ship or creature but do require an immediate Whirlpool effect roll. You are not subject to an additional terrain roll for choosing to exit another Whirlpool on the table (a move that will inherently place your ship within S of another island).

“Fog hopping” is disabled for this scenario (so don’t waste your points).

Unlike standard league rules, Mysterious Island effects apply each time a ship docks. However, Mysterious Islands with a “gold magnet” feature are limited to attracting a maximum of 2 coins per effect, chosen by the docking player.


  1. I still think that reefs should be equal to sargasso. This tilts the build toward bigger ships (again eliminating one-masted ships). Why?

  2. Because we’re tired of one masted ships? Those of us who are cerebral enough when assembling fleets will probably notice the odds of the terrain and select their ships accordingly. However, I doubt that most of can afford the amount of time to our silly ship game builds. I like it, reminds me of a scenario I ran couple seasons ago? With less of a setup period.

  3. I still stand by my belief that Reefs are far more destructive than Sargasso Seas, thus they are regulated to a one-in-six chance.

    Sargassos may slow you down, but they won’t knock masts off yer ship completely. You still have the option of firing when you are “stuck” in a Sargasso, and you also have the option of “freeing” yourself each turn, with no damage.

    Of course, this isn’t my scenario and the Brethren Court were split on the decision of how often Reefs should come up when the die is cast. I deferred to St. Jack on this one, since he is the scenario creator and Privateer for the evening.

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