Pirates League Scenario: Monday, January 11

In which Captain Drakestongue mixes his metaphors… er, games!

Week 6: Monday 01/11/10
Guardian Games
7:30 pm – 9:45 pm
Sir Steevn Basil Drakestongue

Scenario: Pirate Poker
80 points
6 coins / 20 value

Everyone’s build must include five (5) ships, along with crew to your liking.  Only five ships (or Sea Creature).  Each fleet (“hand”) will consist of a typical potentially winning poker hand (Flush, Strait, 5-of-a-Kind, Full House, etc.) based on the number of masts on the ship.  For example: a fleet with a one-mast, a two-mast, a three-mast, a four-mast, and a five-mast would be a “Strait.”  Two five-mast and three one-mast would be a “Full House.”

Furthermore, Sea Monsters (only those items with the “Sea Monster” keyword) are considered “Jokers” and Jokers are wild!  Whilst being wild, they may also carry crew (if cargo capacity allows), BUT only named crew of the Cursed Nation can use abilities on it (equipment or other crew can not use abilities).  It doesn’t matter which nation your Sea Monster is from, the named Cursed crew will work.  A Sea Monster will count as any type of ship (number of masts) in your fleet to complete your “poker hand.”  They still cannot explore or repair unless the keyword is canceled, but canceling does NOT eliminate its ability to carry crew for this scenario – if the monster has cargo space, it can inherently carry crew or gold.


  • Standard LIMITs and exclusions apply per League Bylaws
  • Odin’s Revenge cannot be used for this scenario.  (We’d like to see one-masted ships used sometimes, so . . . )


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