Pirates League Scenario: Monday, December 28

All yer El Chico belong to us…

Week 5: Monday, 12/28
Venue: Guardian Games
Time: 7:30 PM – 9:45 PM
Privateer: Dogan

Scenario: Pirate Commonwealth
Build: 40 points
Gold: 6 coins 20 value
Islands: 2 islands
Terrain: 2 terrain (Whirlpools must be placed L away from anything else)

All ships and crew must be marked as COMMON. Typically that means has a red corner. Think 2 – 3 masts for ships. Islands placed at 3L instead of 3-6.  Ideally we shall use the large terrain pieces (provided by the

-Generic Crew despite not being marked common may be used (not everyone has a complete set of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean).
-Only 1 unique treasure per player.

I like a game that has some strategy to it. Most commons are fairly inexpensive (on points) and a 40pt limit gives everyone a few ships to work with. You can try multiple methods of play, coordinating your ships, attacking other players ships, stealing from other players with the variety provided by commons. The common crew other then generics tend to be the more interesting types, not your standard Captain,Helmsman types. Larger terrain makes it more of an issue, so would touching terrain to islands. Less islands = more trips to islands or mass trips to islands.


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