Pirates League Scenario: Monday, December 14

Since Jack’s post on the Yahoo group seems to have been buried by other discussions, I’m re-posting it here for ease of reference. Questions about the scenario can be posted to the Yahoo group or in the Comments section below!

WEEK 4: Monday, Dec 14 @ 7 pm
Venue: Guardian Games
Time: 7:30 PM – 9:45 PM
Privateer: Captain Jack Cross, the Rogue Saint

Scenario: A Target Rich Environment
Build: 40-Point + Flying Dutchman (51-Point Total)
Gold: 10 coins/10 value, limit 1 Unique Treasure
Islands: 3, limit 1 Mysterious Island
Terrain: 3, limit 1 Iceberg

Each player begins the match with an 11-point Flying Dutchman [PotC] (bring your own; you should have one, by now, but if you don’t we’ll have some extras on hand) with the following characteristics:

  • This ship cannot repair masts.
  • Each mast is equivalent to a 2-gold coin that takes up no cargo space and is immediately captured with a successful attack.  This treasure can be subsequently captured or stolen in the same manner as “regular” treasure coins.
  • Masts eliminated by any means other than combat are removed from the game.
  • This ship sinks when her last mast is eliminated and she cannot use the Eternal keyword.
  • This ship must exit a Fogbank in the round immediately after she enters and may not reenter the same Fogbank in the round that she exits.
  • When exiting a Whirlpool, if the player fails the roll, this ship must eliminate treasure and crew before masts can be removed.
  • This ship changes nationality to match the player’s selected fleet nationality. If the player has chosen a mixed fleet, the player must specify a nationality for this ship.

Unlike standard league rules, Mysterious Island effects apply each time a ship docks.  However, Mysterious Islands with a “gold magnet” feature are limited to attracting a maximum of 2 coins per effect, chosen by the docking player.

End Condition #1 – Time Expires:  The Host Privateer will announce last round 15 minutes prior to the end of the match, with the final round starting when Player 1 at each table begins a full turn.

End Condition #2 – No Future Move Actions:  Applies at the beginning of any turn in which half or more players at the table have no possibility of giving any future Move actions to any of their ships.

End Condition #3 – Player Consensus:  If everyone at the table agrees the match is over, it’s over.

Note: Treasure on a ship that is wrecked or “lost” in a Fogbank does not count for any player.


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