Pirates! at the Space Room with a Swashbuckler’s Ball Twist

Tonight PDXYAR and the Dangerous Kids will present our monthly invasion of Space Room Lounge with a special Swashbuckler’s Ball twist.

Come out to the Space Room to join us and you will be able to take part in a door prize-type drawing for free Swashbuckler’s Ball tickets. Now, as always costumes are not required for this event, but if you garb up you will get the first shot at the tickets.

If the usual piratical fun, added to the free tickets, is not enough to bring you out tonight, then wait- that’s not all. Tonight a new cocktail will be unveiled! Come out and try “The Seacrest.” I can’t tell you what is in it, but I predict that tomorrow you will most likely see hashtags blaming the “The Seacrest” for all manner of evil after effects.

So to review:

Tonight: 9pm-2am at the Space Room Lounge
4800 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland

Attractions: Pirates, a drawing for free SwashBall tickets (dress like a pirate for your best chances) and “The Seacrest”


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