UPDATED: PDXYAR Raids the 16th Century

Now before you become racked with worry that the crew has stumbled upon an unlocked Tardis, let me qualify that title. This very weekend the Oregon Renaissance Festival of Hillsboro will hosting a pirate-themed weekend and PDXYAR shall indeed be a part of their re-creation of a 16th century European village. Luckily for you, you can join us in Hillsboro at the Washington County Fairgrounds.


PDXYAR will be working out of our own encampment (mostly likely annoying the neighbors) and will be up to our usual frivolity. Come by for a game of Liar’s Dice, some rousing sea shanties and one, or more, of the pair of black powder shows we’ll be doing each day.


Here is the schedule of events for this weekend.


Click for a larger, printable, version.

When: September 7th and 8th
Tickets: Click here for discounted tickets!
Where: Washington County Fair Complex, Hillsboro

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