PDXYAR Presents: The Rum-Soaked “Pirates of the Caribbean” Commentary

Lock up yer wenches and hide the rum.  PDXYAR has stormed Port Royal an’ we’ll be takin’ no prisoners!

What do you get when you pack a garage with seven pirates, two very large bottles of Kraken Rum and six microphones?  Well mate, yer about to find out.  Behold, the PDXYAR commentary of Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl. We’ve recruited some of our finest mates fer this rum-soaked lambasting of Captain Jack Sparrow.  Starring, in no particular order; Captain Ragnar “Redgoat” MacHaggis, Main Mast, Greta Isabella Thørbjørnsen, Domingo “Dingo” Villereall, Sir Steevn Basil Drakestongue, Fjord Porkins and Commodore Guapo del Negro.

Joinin’ the crew fer this “adventure” is easy.  Simply download the file below, pop in yer copy of the film into yer DVD player and hit the play button when we tells ya.  After that, well mate… yer on yer own!

Special thanks to our fine and glorious sponsors.  They’re not to be held accountable fer the drunken ramblings of the crew!

Now, pour yerself a cocktail and click the link below to download the file.  One final note, this commentary includes salty language and general debauchery, so it is best kept fer you mates of 18 years or older. Keep the powder monkeys at bay fer this one!



  1. Oh, good Lord. I can’t wait to hear this because recording it was FRICKING EPIC. Yar and skol, lads!

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