Read on, mates.  This be the event you’ve been waitin’ for…

PDXYAR & Guardian Games Presents…

Saturday, March 13 2010
7:00 PM – 12:00 AM
Guardian Games

To the crew,

Ye are hereby formally invited to bear witness to this final game in the PDXYAR “Pirates of the Cursed Seas” League. Join our seventeen League players as they sail their fleets once more into battle. This evening is destined to be remembered in legend and song, as one of our brethren will be crowned as the PDXYAR League Champion and Pirate Lord!

Yer price of admission is $18 per player. $10 if ye just want to eat, drink and socialize.

– The $18 ticket includes: 4 sealed packs of “Pirates of the Cursed Seas”, pizza, drinks (+ grog after the store officially “closes”), 1 raffle ticket

– The $10 ticket includes: pizza, drinks (+ grog…)

And now, an F.A.Q. of sorts…

What is this?
– A night of pirate gaming, celebration and lamentation (but only by the losing pirates)

Ok, but I don’t know how to play!
– Welcome aboard mate! Since this is a sealed game (all players will be starting out with only the ships & crew in their packs), you’ll be on an even keel with every other pirate in attendance. You’ll be at a table with other new players and seasoned vets, which makes this the perfect time to ask questions and learn about the game!

Should I dress like a pirate?
– YAR! Yer garb (or “costume”) will surely fit in with the rest of us scallywags.

How old should I be?
– Well the store “officially” will allow non-adult-types (i.e. those under 21) until they close. After that, ye need to have yer current letter-of-marque (valid ID proving yer age) to stay. The gaming (and other festivities) will be going well into the evening. That means, no powder monkeys fer this event. Sorry.

I’m in the League! When do I get my prize?!
– ALL League players will receive their final rank and prize during an awards ceremony at the end of the game. Those of you who show up just to play for the evening will also receive a special parlay from PDXYAR.

Oooh, a raffle! What are the prizes/how do I buy more tickets?
– Additional raffle tickets will be available during the evening for $1 each. Our generous sponsors have been filling the ship’s stores with donations. A full list of raffle prizes will be posted before the day of the event. You can expect a bounty of pirate swag, gaming swag and pirate gaming swag to be raffled off. You’ll want in on this one… trust me 🙂

That’s all fer now. Make yer mark and let us know if ye can join us! Send a missive below if ye have any other questions.


Ragnar “Redgoat” MacHaggis
Captain of the PDXYAR crew
NOT the Captain of the Scarlet Dove


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