Outlook Portland

“Some thirteen years ago when convincing my wife to move to Portland, Oregon, instead of extolling the cities glorious nature, or the compelling mix of political views, I should have just sold Portland to her by saying, ‘It’s got pirates.'”

Rick Emerson

Earlier this month, PDXYAR’s Captain Redgoat and Sailing Master Dingo appeared on the TV32’s Outlook Portland with Rick Emerson to discuss all things pirate and to delve deeply into particularities of being a swashbuckler in Stumptown. If you missed the show (and let’s face it, the show airs a little earlier than most scallywags can shake themselves loose from the rack) here is your chance. The episode, in all it’s glory, has been uploaded to the show’s YouTube channel.

Enjoy the show, broken into 4 segments, below and don’t forget to check out Outlook Portland as well as Rick Emerson’s “Emerson News Network.”


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