[Updated] Neverworlds Masquerade- Faeries vs Pirates

UPDATE: In some late breaking news, we have learned that the Bilgerats & Pyrettes will be playing in the pub between the mainstage sets at the Faerieworld Masquerade. Add this to the list of reasons to make the journey to Eugene this weekend!

A week from Saturday, Eugene will be the place to be, as the Faerieworlds Winter Celebration presents the Neverworlds Masquerade.  Normally great bands and free flowing grog is enough to get our attention, but this year the  Neverworlds Masquerade casts down a challenge that should not, nay- must not be ignored.  With a theme of “Faeries vs. Pirates” the event will feature a tug-of-war battle between the two groups to determine which will rule Neverworlds at Faerieworlds this summer.

Now, as if an epic battle between buccaneers and sparkly, winged opponents was not enough reason to suit up and strap on your cutlass, there is more.  This year’s masquerade will benifit the Portland Pirate Festival. The fine folks of Faerieworlds will be donating a cash payment as well as a portion of the ticket sales to help the ensure the Portland Pirate Festival remains afloat.

So, let’s recap… Pirates, Faeries, a battle for dominance and bragging rights, music, dancing and it will help the Portland Pirate Festival.  Sounds like there needs to be lots of folks setting a southerly course on I5 that weekend.

Ticketing and Information:
When: January 29
The doors open at 7:30, the music starts at 8:30

Tickets are $25 for adults and $12.50 for children

Buy your tickets here

For more details and list of preformers visit the Faerieworlds Winter Celebration website

2011 Winter Celebration Passes

Getting there and lodging:

Faerieworlds is currently working on a special discount hotel to be announced this week.  This will be announced here.

The event will held at the McDonald Theatre

1010 Willamette Street
Eugene, OR 97401
(541) 345-4442

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