Monday nights. Guardian Games. Be there.


This be yer official warnin’ shot that PDXYAR will now be hosting a few hours of pirate gaming every Monday night at Guardian Games in Porland, OR. Show up between the hours of 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM and join us fer a game!

Presently, we’re playing these piratical games…

Savage Worlds role-playing campaign, hosted by G.S. Hagthorpe MacGuffin, Admiral: This game be full, but yer welcome to sit on the shore and fling taunts at the players… or sign up fer our next campaign!

WizKids Pirates of the Cursed Seas: Bring a 40-point fleet and sail to new shores with Captain Redgoat!

Pirate card games: Munchkin Booty, Loot, Scallywags

Morgan’s Revenge: Bring yer finest (but not American) coins and prepare to loose yer wealth to the Captain’s daughter!

Zombies! Treasure Island: A home-grown expansion (designed by Admiral MacGuffin) for the populare Zombies! game.

Or, bring along yer on pirate board/card/dice game and teach our crew how to play!

We’ll be keepin’ a weather eye fer ya on Monday nights!

– Redgoat


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