League Week 9 Scenario: 6/26 @ Rainy Day Games


We’re entering into the final third of Season 2 and there be more than a few scallywags still in contention fer the PDXYAR prize. Yers truly be in the lead but Captain Drakestongue is keepin’ a weather eye on the number one spot, an’ remains in spittin’ distance. Bringing up the keel is M.F.B. Hpred, who also happens to be this week’s Privateer!

– Redgoat

Scenario: Drunken Pirates
Privateer: M.F.B. Hpred
Location: Rainy Day Games – Aloha, OR
Time: 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

– 50 point fleet
– Treasure: 8 coins 30 value
– 3 islands (placed 2L min, 3L max)
– NO terrain

– All Ships MUST have a base movement of S+L OR L+S.
– Helmsman and all other movement bonuses will be ignored for this Scenario.
– Before each player gives their ship a move action (free or otherwise) they must roll a D6. On the result of a 1, the ship cannot move this turn. On a 2 or 4, the ship’s base move is reduced to S. On a 3 or 5, the ship’s base move is reduced to L. On a 6, the ship retains its full base move.


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