League Week 6 Scenario: 6/2 @ Ancient Wonders

After a one-week hiatus, we’re back! We’ve officially extended out Season 2 of the League by one week. Our finale will now be held on Friday, July 17 (location TBD). Look for updates very soon on the venues for the last two weeks in League play.

So, now that you’ve had almost a fortnight to cool yer heels… time for the plunderin’ to continue! This, er… interesting scenario is courtesy of our own nautical curmudgeon, Dogan!

Scenario: Cry Baby “BUT” Pirates
Privateer: Dogan
Location: Ancient Wonders – Tualatin, OR
Time: 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

9 coins 28 value (just cause)
3 islands
3 terrain BUT can only be reef, Sargasso sea, and/or fog banks

Determine turn order the typical way and place islands as normal, BUT when placing terrain place it so that it touches an island. Doesn’t matter how much it touches (go ahead cover up an entire side of an island or just a tip). Choose home islands, and place 4 coin per island; remove the excess coins from play, BUT don’t reveal them until end of game.

Special Rules:
When exiting a fog bank, if your roll to exit places you on the island you become docked at that island (alongside the fog bank nearest your home island), BUT eliminate 1 mast, 1 gold, or 1 crew.


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