League Week 4 Scenario: 5/15 @ Rainy Day Games


Here we be, sailing up to week four, which means that we’ve completed almost 1/3 of Season 2. Once week five is in the books, we’ll start posting ranked scores for all players. This will be each League player’s gold total, minus their lowest four scoring weeks. Trust me, there WILL be a few surprises in these rankings!

This week, we point our prows to a new port o’ call. We’ll be at Rainy Day Games in Aloha, OR. What better way to raid… er, welcome aboard our newest venue than with a plunderously wicked scenario! Gold wins the game, you say? Well, this gold might be a bit more difficult to load on to yer galleon then ye might be used to…

Scenario: “Gold may win the game, but MY gold will get you killed!”
Game Build: 50 points
Islands: 3
Terrain: 1 reef w/ shipwreck + 3 additional terrain
Gold: 16 pieces equaling 30 points. Gold will be mixed together and separated into two groups. 8 pieces per player will be distributed to Wild Islands. 8 pieces per player will be distributed to Shipwrecks. Unique Treasure is disallowed for this scenario.
Time limit: 90 minutes from game start or 9:30 PM, whichever comes first.

– Each shipwreck contains gold (randomly distributed at the start of the game) and a Marine.
– The Marine aboard each shipwreck can (and will) take a single shot ONCE PER TURN at any target within S of any part of the shipwreck.
– Each Marine has a 2S gun. Players can target this crew with shoot actions but it must be hit twice with the same shoot action in order to be eliminated – a single hit has no effect. Marines CANNOT be hit by L range cannons.
– Marines are considered a function (not ability) of the ship and therefore cannot be copied, canceled or captured.
– Each shipwreck is treated like a Wild Island in respect to retrieving gold. An explore action is required.
– Marines will fire their shot as soon as a ship comes within S range. This is automatic and happens before any other shoot actions in the turn.
– Shipwrecks will be provided by the Privateer.

As always, gold wins the game.



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