Kevin Stephenson’s “Shades of Black” Opens at Sequential Art Gallery on First Thursday

An often discussed subject, over of bottles of rum and pots of ale, below decks aboard the El Tiburon is that we just don’t have enough culture in our lives. I know that to many of you, asserting that PDXYAR lacks culture (except Fancy Nate, of course) would be like stating that water is wet. Yet, if you share in this lacking, fortune is yours. First Thursday is nearly upon us and with it comes your opportunity to take in some art and soak up some culture.

Not only that, but this particular First Thursday brings with it a very special show by Kevin Stephenson to the Sequential Art Gallery + Studio.


Focused heavily on the art of story telling, “Shades of Black” combines two collections. The first of these collection is “Counting Corvids” an interpretation, through illustration, of the old world practice of divining through the counting of ravens or crows. While the second pulls directly from pirate lore.

In  “The Derelict”, the poem-turned-song more commonly known as “Fifteen Men on a Dead Man’s Chest” from Robert Lewis Stevenson’s “Treasure Island,” Kevin fleshes out the tale with Pirate wanted posters.

Now, if the name Kevin Stephenson sounds familiar to you, it should. He is co-owner of The Forge & Thistle specializing in hand-wrought metal craft, leather working and woodworking good. More over he is also known as Lucian MacTavish and serves as Master Gunner of PDXYAR.

To lend support to our highly esteemed mate, PDXYAR will have some few pirates on hand to add a touch of Yar! to this most august of occasions. Join us!

Cost: FREE!
When: Thursday, March 7th, 6-10pm; Exhibit on display through Saturday, March 30th
Where: Sequential Art Gallery + Studio, 328 NW Broadway #113, PDX
Facebook Invite: Click here


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