F**K! Hum-Bug!: THE HOLIDAY Variety show SPECTACULAR!

Join PDXYAR for our very last event of the year as we particpate in F**K! Hum-Bug!: THE HOLIDAY Variety show SPECTACULAR!.

What is this show you ask? Let’s just say it is celebrating the season with an utter lack of the gentility found around your archetypal family dinner table. While your family gathering may require a certain level of, often painful, decorum you can join us at the Someday Lounge to become one with your baser side. We’re talking bucket loads of profanity, nudity, (choreographed) fights and more.

Besides PDXYAR, as well as a performance from PDXYAR’s own “Broadsides,” you can look forward to a host of other entertainments including:

Drag Queens
Live music from the Bridge City Underground
Megan Spear from Jared Mees and the Grown Children
Delaney and Paris
The Morals
performances from local pottymouths: Doc Luben, Johnny No Bueno and others
Plus much more.

Head over to the Facebook invite for this invite, get more info and make your mark as attending!

When: Friday, December 23rd
Time: 9pm- 12am
Cost: $5
Where: Someday Lounge
125 NW 5th, Portland, OR 97209

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