El Tiburon Makes Port at the Sherwood Fantasy Faire

This weekend you should embark in a short cruise down to Sherwood, Oregon for the Sherwood Fantasy Fair. This is a festival designed to combine the fun filled worlds of medieval, fantasy, folklore, fairey, pirate and a tiny bit of steampunk into a family friendly event. Blending blending historical fact, myth and popular fantasy. this event has something for everyone and that something includes El Tiburon!

Yes, it is true. After months in dry dock the crew will be manning the deck of our vessel El Tiburon this weekend. On top of that we will be doing cannon demonstrations, black powder firing, shanties and general piratical pursuits in only the way we can.

[UPDATED] Speaking of which here is the PDXYAR Performance Schedule for Saturday and Sunday

10-10:15AM Opening Cannon/Small Arms

11-11:30 Black Powder Show

12:00PM Liar’s Dice Tournament

1:30-1:50PM Shantys, Fights & Skullduggery

3:00-3:20 Shantys, Fights & Skullduggery

4:00PM Liar’s Dice Tournament

5:30-6:00PM Black Powder Show

Mark the date and set your course!

When: June 16th and 17th, 10am to 6pm
Where: 28851 SW Baker Road, Sherwood, OR

Day Pass
$15.00 Adults
$ 7.00 Children 5-12
$ 7.00 Seniors

Weekend Pass
$20.00 Adults
$10.00 Children 5-12
$10.00 Seniors

Children under 5 are FREE!!

Onsite Parking: $5.00 per car


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