Behold the glorious crew of El Tiburon! What follows is a proper listing of every active soul what signed the articles of PDXYAR. They’re the heart & soul of the ship and a finer group of privateers you’ll never meet.

Mr. Alonzo Mayweather

Crew in the North

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Mr. Alonzo Mayweather could possibly be the most heavily weaponized crewman aboard El Tiburon. His cannon (Kaboom) and blunderbuss (Ivette) are two of the largest weapons in the gunnery compliment. No one in the crew has mustered the courage to ask Alonzo exactly where he came from, or exactly how he keeps finding his horrifying weapons.

Andrew Lone a.k.a. “Alone”
Gunner’s Mate

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Son of an accused warlock who was executed by pressing. His fathers refusal to plead guilty or not guilty of being a Warlock lead to the sentence of “Peine forte et dure”. His last words were “More weight!” Always in search of dark lore and magical accessories he’s accustomed to making sound choices. He is positive that the right amount of gunpowder is all that’s needed to solve most issues and there’s a small bit of magic blown into the world with every muzzle flash. Alone was pulled from a tribal shaman’s cook pot by the crew of El Tiburon and has been trying to conjure Djinn, ward off evil, and work the ship’s gunnery line ever since.

Annie “Hawk” Hudson

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Originally from New Amsterdam, Annie Hudson grew tired of her gilded life, turning to petty crime as a cure for her boredom. A necklace here, a ring there, but stealing a painting was, apparently, a step too far. To avoid jail time, she staged her own kidnapping upon a south Australia-bound transport. However, after the ship’s arrival, she received word that her parents refused payment. Promptly thrown off the ship, and her hair sheared off as punishment, she was stranded, begging for passage back to New Amsterdam on any ship that would take her. A passing crewmember from El Tiburon commented that her hair looked like a hawk’s wing, and added that they might get back there, eventually. To this day, she tries to send El Tiburon in the right direction, and might leave a port with a bit more gold than she came with. But on occasion, she just wants a cappuccino.

Daniel “Cannon Heart” Douglas

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Son of a Scandinavian sailor and a Scottish barmaid, Daniel “Cannon Heart” Douglas was raised by his mother’s family until a feud with another clan prompted his being put into service aboard a merchant vessel. Various misadventures and misunderstandings caused him to jump from crew to crew until he finally found himself aboard El Tiburon, the only ship that would have him. Cannon Heart is known for telling stories, sometimes to get himself and other members of the crew out of trouble. Though it should be noted that in any instance, the veracity of his stories should always be held in question. He is known to embellish and outright fabricate stories. At no point should anyone completely believe what this man says.

Conrad “The Cudgel” Demitrius

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His native Poland broken, home burned and family scattered, Conrad decided to combine his military profession with sailing and a hobby of banging people about with a cudgel. After joining the Cossack Zaporozhian Siech, he proved himself to be a good man to have in a fight, extortion, plot, robbery, raid, kidnapping… you get the idea. He became a feared pirate on the Don River sacking the Turks. Wanting a higher price upon his head than the insultingly low one offered by the Sultan, Conrad left Russia with nothing more than his Hussar coat, sword, Cossack armor, dagger, a decorated Turkish musket and all the silver he could steal… er, carry. He then sought out the most feared pirates in the Caribbean. Not being able to find them, he instead joined the crew of El Tiburon. Drink with him, if ye dare!

Domingo “Dingo” Sanchez Villereal
Master Gunner / Captain Emeritus

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After several years of running successful defenestration workshops at public houses, Dingo met a man from the Far East who taught him many valuable lessons. The first such lesson was a thing called force redirection, greatly improving Dingo’s knowledge of defenestration. Second was the philosophy of Buddhism. Dingo swiftly took to these teachings and being a quick study, mastered many of the concepts during their time as companions. Dingo’s fervor for these philosophies was not always shared by his shipmates. Between that and his enjoyment of the aforementioned public houses (some of which had not yet forgotten him) he shifted the focus of his studies to the law. Given his love of philosophy, his dislike of windows, and his legal knowledge, it should come as no surprise that he has a perfect record representing himself on the grounds of self defenestration.

Gracie Hawkins

Crew in the North

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Gracie hails from Portsmouth, England. She was the youngest child and only daughter of a widowed merchant. Not knowing how to raise a daughter, Gracie’s father and brothers taught her how to ride, shoot, and fight. Because of this, she grew into a wild and independent woman. Gracie soon found herself in love with a man as wild as she was. However, she discovered that the man she loved and was betrothed to turned out to be a scoundrel and a cheat. Rather than being bound to such a cad, she disguised herself as a boy and signed onto a merchant ship bound for the Americas. Being a smart and ingenious woman, she learned how to work the lines, run a cannon, and proved herself to bean able sailor, earning the respect of the crew. Off the coast of the Carolinas, the merchant ship was set upon by El Tiburon. After a bloody fight, she was among the few survivors. Gracie impressed the crew of El Tiburon with her viciousness in the fight and was asked to sign the articles. Gracie can be seen firing her mortar “Nightmare”, the most terrifying gun on El Tiburon’s line.


Crew in the North

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Mr. Jerry was found floating in a empty barrel of rum along with his cannon Dead Reckoning and was pulled on to El Tiburon. When asked how he got there, he looked at the Captain and said “Well, rum will get ya every time!” Sine coming aboard, Jerry has made fast friends with the gunnery crew… as well as the ship’s grog supply.
Photo courtesy of Garry Louie Photography

Chi Tao Gan (a.k.a. “Lil’ Jon”, a.k.a. “Crawdad”, a.k.a. “Treasure”)

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Chi Tao Gan (赤桃杆) a.k.a. “Lil’ Jon,” a.k.a. “Treasure,” a.k.a. “Crawdad,” a.k.a. “Jean LePetit,” a.k.a. “Jon St. Jon,” a.k.a. “Jon This,” a.k.a. “Saul Manila,” a.k.a. “Saffron,” a.k.a. “Mellow Yellow,” a.k.a “Cilantro,” a.k.a. “Kobayashi,” a.k.a “Shear Will,” a.k.a “Misinmast,” a.k.a. “Minimast,” a.k.a.“Silk E. Velvet,” a.k.a. “Pocket Whiskey,” a.k.a. “Short Round,” a.k.a. “Small Arms”, a.k.a. “Master Blaster” is the crew’s pocket pirate. He was discovered asleep in a roll of carpeting liberated from a Shanghai merchant vessel. Wrinkled and linty, he awoke to hear the raiding party of El Tiburon discussing the glory of privateering, but it wasn’t until they wassailed the wonders of ham night that his interest was piqued and he joined the crew. Now, when not filling his hollow leg, the nimble feet of this stealthy stowaway have proven frightening especially when he hides in plain sight.


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The first time Gwendolyn stepped a foot on El Tiburon it was a complete accident. Having been given bad directions to which ship to board, she settled in not realizing her mistake until it was too late! Surrounded by a crew of pirates she never panicked, but rather invited them all to tea! This bold move impressed their Captain, and with his blessing, the crew took her in and allowed her passage for the small fee of everything she had in her pockets (lint included). After the crew left her on the southern Carolina coast, Gwendolyn decided the life of piracy was truly for her. She shaved her head, bought new clothes and hopped aboard the El Tiburon once more! Over the course of her years aboard the ship, now known as Mulligan, she has learned to truly enjoy the finer points of life: rum, jewels and tea time.

Maggie McCoy

Crew in the North

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Maggie was discovered one spring morning in the outer banks of North Carolina, abandoned on a fishing boat. After the shock of finding the infant, the fisherman took the girl to his sister, a childless widow and landlady of the village tavern. Maggie was raised in the bustle of the pub, serving the sailors who frequented the place. She hunted and fished with her uncle and learned old trails used by the Cherokee. When she stumbled upon an illegal distilling operation buried deep in the woods, she talked her way out of certain death by proposing a business deal, running liquor to Ocracoke Island for sale to her pirate consorts. Business was booming when the British Navy got wise to Maggie’s tricks, and she caught passage out of the Carolinas with the crew of El Tiburon. Little but fierce, she’s a novice gunner and an expert flirt.

Fjørd Porkins
Captain Emeritus

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Rumored to be the descendant of Floki Vilgeroarson, the first Viking to discover Iceland, Fjord Porkins made a name for himself through a series of unfortunate events. Shortly after accidentally sinking the Dread Ship Outrageous Fortune (funny story, really!) Porkins was recruited by Redgoat and quickly became the most successful pirate aboard El Tiburon. Porkins served as Captain when the crew, during a particularly drunken evening, mistakenly thought they were voting to make him the capstan so they wouldn’t have to weigh anchor anymore. Regardless, he served as Captain well, keeping the crew’s pockets full of coin and their bellies full of bacon.

Molly “Molotov” Maguire

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Under considerable persecution in the colonies, Molly sought refuge aboard El Tiburon while it made port in Philadelphia. Originally brought onto the ship under the guise of “safety”, she soon became known for her ability to start as many fires as she quenched.

Randall the Savage

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On a voyage past what rumored to be a deserted island, the crew of El Tiburon noticed a strange dark figure in the trees. As the ship sailed closer, the figure lept from the tree tops, driving his elbow onto a large turtle below. They befriended this strange man, whom they initially took to be a savage. The crew named him Randall and invited him to join them aboard El Tiburon. Randall has since then become more civilized, but after a few sips of whiskey, he has been known to sometimes revert back to his true “savage” self.

Ragnar “Redgoat” MacHaggis
Captain Emeritus

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Since stepping aside after several years as Captain of El Tiburon, and now serving as Master Gunner, Redgoat’s talents for bravado and black powder haven’t dulled the least. His tireless quest for glory continues to serve as both an inspiration and a warning to the faithful crew. Redgoat is a man whose exploits have taken him from the frigid northlands of Nova Scotia to the balmy shores of Uruguay. With a weather eye on the horizon and more than a few unlucky former shipmates in his wake, he sails with PDXYAR out of the Northwest Coast in search of adventure, fortune, and of course… glory.

Sapphire St. James
Crew in the North

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Sapphire is the daughter of a wealthy merchant. When she was being forced to marry a man she didn’t love, she ran away to find happiness. She met some privateers and sailed with them. When her father tried to bring her home with bribery, she took his money and sailed away in the night with the privateers and never looked back. She has found that she loves the sea and her life aboard El Tiburon, helping out where she can. Sapphire is deadly with her flintlock, Celeste!

Santiago “Chago” de la Rosa Espinoza

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Chago claims to be the descendent of a shipwrecked Conquistador. Many generations of shipwrecked sailors and new world indigenous matronage gave rise to this wild Spaniard of the jungles. An expert in new world survival and primitive customs, he is useful to the crew in finding all manner of beasts and local flora for the purpose of consumption or diversion. Being the spawn of such a long line of shipwrecked sailors, he is particularly superstitious. His mother, a Santeria Priestess, passed on to him the knowledge of charms and wards against bad luck. He will gladly offer up these charms and blessings for those in need of protection… for a modest donation of course.

Temperance “Skully” Tooms

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Shipwrecked en route to a new life in the New World, newlyweds Temperance and Terrence Tooms faced an eternal honeymoon, a life alone in each other’s company, marooned on a deserted island paradise. But when the young Mistress Tooms found her beau in the arms of an island girl native to this “uninhabited” rock, she chose to set her sights beyond the confines of marital bliss. After quickly, and rather violently, divorcing her husband, the young widow found passage on the privateer El Tiburon. Now a fiercely loyal member of the crew, Skully applies her occasionally murderous passion to the pursuit of glory on the high seas, ever accompanied by what’s left of her husband… more faithful in death than he ever was in life.

Malcontent “Snaps” O’Connell

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Malcontent O’Connell joined the crew of El Tiburon somewhere off the coast of Florida. No one knows much about her travels before she joined the crew. Snaps seemingly appeared one day as the crew was singing a rousing shanty, appearing in the background… almost like a buzzing that appears in your ear. Snaps’ interest in all things pyrotechnic naturally led her to become enthralled with the ship’s cannons. This newfound love proved costly however, as she has been thrown overboard more than once after accidentally lighting herself on fire while igniting the botefeux.

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