Behold the glorious crew of El Tiburon! What follows is a proper listing of every active soul what signed the articles of PDXYAR. They’re the heart & soul of the ship and a finer group of privateers you’ll never meet.

Mr. Alonzo Mayweather

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Andrew Lone a.k.a. “Alone”

Angus McCrae

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Image courtesy of Christopher J. Yetter Photography.
Angus is rarely aboard ship, though he always seems to appear in whatever port El Tiburon has docked. Usually the same day or shortly thereafter. When asked how he got there, Angus does not rightly know and can only say that there was “rum involved”. His shipmates are wary of the times they get to port after Angus. For more than once, they have arrived in port to find Angus waiting for the ship at the quay… port town burning behind him and with Angus greeting his friends with a hearty “‘Bout time ye got here, ‘twas running out of things t’ do!” On occasion, he appears in town with Raevenna, and she ain’t tellin’ Angus how he got there either.

Annie (a.k.a. “Hawk”)

Cannon Heart

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Conrad “The Cudgel” Demitrius

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His native Poland broken, home burned and family scattered, Conrad decided to combine his military profession with sailing and a hobby of banging people about with a cudgel. After joining the Cossack Zaporozhian Siech, he proved himself to be a good man to have in a fight, extortion, plot, robbery, raid, kidnapping… you get the idea. He became a feared pirate on the Don River sacking the Turks. Wanting a higher price upon his head than the insultingly low one offered by the Sultan, Conrad left Russia with nothing more than his Hussar coat, sword, Cossack armor, dagger, a decorated Turkish musket and all the silver he could steal… er, carry. He then sought out the most feared pirates in the Caribbean. Not being able to find them, he instead joined the crew of El Tiburon. Drink with him, if ye dare!

Governor Giles Seamus Hagthorpe MacGuffin

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Born the thirteenth child of an impoverished thistle farmer in the high lowlands (or possibly the low highlands) of Scotland, Giles Seamus Hagthorpe MacGuffin ran away to sea when he was a mere eight years old. He quickly mastered pillaging and plundering and was then sent to bed with out dinner. Many years have passed since then and he still thinks he can get away with much more than he really does. Hagthorpe has recently been appointed to the position of Governor with PDXYAR, though he hasn’t yet been give the coordinates of his appointed island. Regardless, he’s still looking forward to getting the wig.

Gracie Hawkins

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Able-bodied crew member and fighter. Often seen firing the ship’s mortar “Nightmare”.

Jimmy Long Guns

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Jimmy once served as a dog watch guard on a merchant ship, when he was approached by Captain Redgoat one night in a pub. The good captain offered Jimmy six month’s pay in exchange for his services as guard aboard El Tiburon. Jimmy Long Guns signed the articles and has served as one of the most loyal members of the crew ever since.

Lazarus “Crasher” Cotton

Lil’ Jon (a.k.a. “Crawdad”, a.k.a. “Treasure”

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Able-bodied crew member and pocket pirate.

Lucian MacTavish

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To most rogues, he is a Boogyman spat out of Hell by “Ole Scratch” himself, a name mentioned by captains to quiet their mutinous crew. Some believe him to be on board El Tiburon, while others aren’t sure. There is a MacTavish on board and if it is Lucian, then even the gods themselves may not be able to save those who El Tiburon has its sights set on.

Mercy Marie Dillingham

Mercy Dillingham was the younger daughter of a wealthy landowner from the New World – The Carolinas to be exact. One afternoon, she heard the boom of cannon and ran to the docks to see the commotion. Coming in fast to the shore was a stunning pirate ship, The Blair, with a fascinating looking man at the helm. Mercy was intrigued by the beauty of the ship riding the waves, the smell of smoke coming from the cannon, the thought of freedom that comes with the pirate life. She waited for the ship to come close to shore and then charmed her way aboard. With her red hair flying in the wind, her skirts billowing around her, and her husband, Master Cockroach Blair at her side, she was invincible.

Molly “Molotov”

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Her hair is a flowing red mane
Burning ships from here to the Thames
Molotov is the keeper of fire
So don’t you dare earn her ire
Ore she will just laugh as you go up in flames.


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Image courtesy of Gary Louie Photography.
Rae was discovered floating unconscious on a charred hunk of wreckage and was brought aboard El Tiburon. When she came to, she found herself at home on the ship and rediscovered old friends from previous pirating voyages. She now works side by side with MacTavish, running the ship’s gunnery, especially the cannons, which has always given her great joy.

Master Robert “Cockroach” Blair

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Image courtesy of Ryan J. Zeigler Photography.
Cockroach was given to Howell Davis as a cabin boy at an early age. There, he tutored in seamanship, scholarly matters, battle tactics and navigation by Davis’ navigator, Bartholomew Roberts. He served under Roberts until Cape Lopez, then struck out on his own. Returning to the Caribbean, Cockroach forged a reputation for courage, invincibility in battle, “a way with the ladies” and stealth. The Spanish dubbed him “La Cucaracha” (The Cockroach) since he seemingly could not be caught or killed, striking quick and then dashing away to hide. He is captive only to his love and wife, Mercy Marie Dillingham. Together, they sailed the Blair around the horn and took up the sweet trade on the northern Pacific Coast.

The Ronin

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No one among the crew knows the true name of The Ronin, perhaps not even The Ronin himself. He first came to sail aboard El Tiburon when he awoke in the shio’s hold after an apparent three day sake and dice bender. He arrived having only the kimono on his back, no clan affiliation and a poorly-scrawled letter of service to Captain Redgoat tucked in his sleeve. The Ronin’s stoic manner and deadly precision with a blade have made him a strong ally and at times a formidable opponent to members of the crew.


Erzsebet “Spyglass” Slezak

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Erzsebet “Spyglass” Slezak was born to a noble family in Hungary. Possessed of a keen wit and her own mind, she did not take it well when her family promised her in marriage to a local baron. The night before her wedding, Erzsebet disappeared, followed days later by the baron. Neither hide nor hair was seen of either. Aboard El Tiburon, Spyglass is small enough to be comfortable in the crow’s nest, keeping a lookout for possible targets. From her vantage point, she can keep a weather eye out for trouble and secrets aboard the ship, but Spyglass also scans the horizon in case her spurned baron shows up seeking revenge.

The Troubadour

Wildcat Willie


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