These mates serve as the officers of PDXYAR and our flagship, El Tiburon. They’re a stalwart bunch, ready for a day’s sail at a moment’s notice. Whenever yer lucky enough to find PDXYAR in yer area, chances are you’ll see more than a few of these mates.

Kenneth “Biscuit” O’Quinn

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It has not exactly been determined where this young sailor has come from, been, or is right now, but stories seem to start somewhere on the borders of England and Scotland. Biscuit tells of being trained in the east in the ways of the sword… and also claims to have a few law degrees. There are also mutinous rumors that have been attributed to Biscuit along with epic tales of thievery. However, as ship’s attorney, it’s hard to really determine what is or is not true. It also seems strange that no one can remember exactly how he came to be on the ship, but there he was one fine morning cooking “biscuits” and gravy for the crew.

Greta Isabella Thørbjørnsen

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The “wee but fierce” Shantymistress’ origins are something of a mystery, but it’s possibly fear of her threatening axe or sharp wit preventing further inquiry. Rumored to be half-Valkyrie, an escaped singing nun, and the legendary Overduchess of the Northern Fjords, she merely claims to be from “Scandahoovia” and possesses a singing voice to shake the timbers. Aside from leading the crew in all manner of shanties, you can also find her freewheeling fire from her fingertips and packing powder on the gunline… though never at the same time.

Robert “Ramrod” McMurphy

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Matthew “Main Mast” Masterson
First Mate

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Main Mast has been sailing the seven seas since he was just a wee lad. Of course, when you’re the largest crew member of PDXYAR, wee is a relative term. Main Mast can be found singing with Greta, crossing blades with Dingo, or quaffing an ale and toasting the glory of PDXYAR with Redgoat.

Domingo “Dingo” Sanchez Villereal
Master Gunner / Captain Emeritus

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After several years of running successful defenestration workshops at public houses, Dingo met a man from the Far East who taught him many valuable lessons. The first such lesson was a thing called force redirection, greatly improving Dingo’s knowledge of defenestration. Second was the philosophy of Buddhism. Dingo swiftly took to these teachings and being a quick study, mastered many of the concepts during their time as companions. Dingo’s fervor for these philosophies was not always shared by his shipmates. Between that and his enjoyment of the aforementioned public houses (some of which had not yet forgotten him) he shifted the focus of his studies to the law. Given his love of philosophy, his dislike of windows, and his legal knowledge, it should come as no surprise that he has a perfect record representing himself on the grounds of self defenestration.

Seamus Hobbes
Arms Master

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Seamus was born to a poor family of Irish fisherfolk and has been skilled in the ways boatmanship since a very young age. While he lived a humble life, it was a happy and simple one… until tragedy struck. A pirate raid on his village left him an orphan and he vowed to exact revenge on the crew that killed his family. Harboring a deep hatred for all things pirate, he felt it was best to infiltrate that life so as to better gather info on the ship of men that destroyed his young life. Many years later, he finds himself on the deck of El Tiburon, enamored with a pirate lass, and nursing a newfound love for what his life has become…

Robyn Kincaid

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Robyn was born to an Irish shepherd father and a Russian Gypsy mother. Being the only child and female, her father took it upon himself to raise her as if he had a son. He taught her to read the signs of the land around her, to track, to hunt, and of course, to tend the flock. Her mother taught her the duties of the home, as well as training her in the arts of her ancestors. After the passing of her parents in fire, Robyn made her way to the coast. Disguised as a boy, she gained passage on a merchant ship as a cabin boy. There she learned the art of sailing, sword fighting, and reading the ocean’s moods. She traveled the seas and eventually found herself aboard El Tiburon.

Barrett “Halifax” Crivens
Shanty Master

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Drucilla “Blackstrap” St. James

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Jimmy Long Guns
Ship’s Counsel

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Jimmy once served as a dog watch guard on a merchant ship, when he was approached by Captain Redgoat one night in a pub. The good captain offered Jimmy six month’s pay in exchange for his services as guard aboard El Tiburon. Jimmy Long Guns signed the articles and has served as one of the most loyal members of the crew ever since.

Lazarus “Crasher” Cotton
Galley Master

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Hailing (some might say fleeing) from the Colonies, Lazarus “Crasher” Cotton is a former Redcoat. He retired young (convicted of fraud on charges of corruption) and was awaiting “benefits” from the Crown when he learned that all his years of looking the other way were to be rewarded with, well… the governor looking the other way. At his trial he demanded to be placed in a nunnery, as a means to repent of his sins. He was promptly sent to a local asylum, where he soon made his escape by impersonating a doctor with large words he didn’t really understand. He was last seen boarding El Tiburon, drinking saltwater from his tankard muttering about his ancestors the lizard kings