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Outlook Portland

Posted by Bob Alpi On March 30, 2011 1 COMMENT

“Some thirteen years ago when convincing my wife to move to Portland, Oregon, instead of extolling the cities glorious nature, or the compelling mix of political views, I should have just sold Portland to her by saying, ‘It’s got pirates.’” Rick Emerson Earlier this month, PDXYAR’s Captain Redgoat and Sailing Master Dingo appeared on the  [ Read More ]

PDXYAR Engages in Video Pirating!

Posted by Bob Alpi On January 31, 2011 4 COMMENTS

Lights…Camera… Pirates! PDXYAR is filed with swashbuckling pride to announce the launching of our new video page and our very own YouTube channel. Now, if ye be the inquisitive sort, you might be thinking, “why both?” and a good question it would be too.  Since you asked we have an answer for you.  In the  [ Read More ]