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The PDXYAR Holiday Shopping Guide- the Music

Posted by Bob Alpi On December 7, 2011 4 COMMENTS

The crew of PDXYAR wanted to give you a hand with your holiday shopping this year. We’ve put our heads together and assembled a list of gifts you won’t find in any of the most mega of mega stores. What started as a cool idea turned into a labor of love as this guide consists  [ Read More ]

Lock up yer wenches and hide the rum.  PDXYAR has stormed Port Royal an’ we’ll be takin’ no prisoners!

All Yer Piratical Weekend Plans Be Here!

Posted by Redgoat On July 23, 2010 ADD COMMENTS

No matter what corner of fair Portlandia ye calls home, yer certain to find a piratical port-o-call this weekend!

Pirates League Scenario: Monday, July 19

Posted by Redgoat On July 18, 2010 ADD COMMENTS

We’ve been sailing to so many different shores over the past few weeks that this latest League night was completely off me map!  We’re reachin’ back into the annals of history fer this game and have pulled a scenario that hasn’t been seen since Season 2!

Set Sail fer GameStorm!

Posted by Redgoat On March 25, 2010 ADD COMMENTS

Spend yer spring break with our band of misfits and rogues at the Pacific Northwest’s premiere gaming event!


Posted by Redgoat On February 15, 2010 ADD COMMENTS

Read on, mates.  This be the event you’ve been waitin’ for…

Happy Holidays!

Posted by Sven Forkbeard, Emperor of the North On December 24, 2009 ADD COMMENTS

Support Yer Local Pirate

Posted by Redgoat On November 19, 2009 3 COMMENTS

Let the pirate nation know only true buccaneers, scallywags and rogues hail from the Pacific Northwest!

Welcome to the crew.

Posted by Redgoat On October 29, 2009 ADD COMMENTS

With the onset of the fall colors comes the latest iteration of the PDXYAR digital home port. We’ve careened the ship, as it were… scraping the barnacles of our former website away in favor of this shiny new hull. Many thanks and huzzahs to Sven Forkbeard (Emperor of the North) for his excellent electronic shipwright  [ Read More ]