The PDXYAR Holiday Shopping Guide- Arts and Craftsmanship/The Written Word

Arts and Craftsmanship

Forge & Thistle

The Forge & Thistle specializes in Renaissance, Scottish highland and pirate events. They offer an ever expanding array of quality hand-made products by Kevin Stephenson and Jamie Thomas. But, they are more than that. They personify craftsmanship in world of stamped out, robot-machined, assembly line disposable goods. When you purchase an original piece from Forge & Thistle you have gotten something unique that will last.

Obviously, this writer is a fan, but with cause. Check out their website and if what you are looking for isn’t there, ask them about it. You won’t be sorry.

Custom orders are always welcome.

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Quicksilver’s Pirate Pots

Sturdy stoneware made by the hand of a pirate, using old-world methods and attention to detail. Custom work a specialty of his, but words fail to describe the artistry of his work.

Do yourself a favor and check out Quicksilver’s website. His work is not limited to the pirates on your list and you are bound to find something to fit nearly any taste!

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Monkey Minion Press

Monkey Minion Press is, on the surface, just like any other fledgling design and illustration company trying to make it’s mark. However, a quick scratch at that surface and you begin to see that what’s underneath is a great deal more than that. They offer a well-rounded approach to any problem presented to them, be it illustration, design, layout or copy writing. They can do it all.

Now, this entry in our guide bridges the gap between two categories. Not only does Monkey Minion Press superior illustration, custom work and etched-ware, but they also offer a books, including “Captain Dan Takes a Day Off”. Visit the website for all the current items on sale, but if you don’t see what you are looking for you can hire Dane to produce what you want.

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The Written Word

Geek in the City Comics

Sure you know renowned and nearly award winning “Geek in the City Radio”, but do you know about Geek in the City Comics? Writer Aaron Duran and artist James Sinclair (a colorist on “Hellboy” and “The Flash”), joined by editor/letterer Jennifer Alvin, present “La Brujeria” — their supernatural comedy about Althalia, a “gifted” temp who gets a job at a pawn shop that’s actually a front for a team dedicated to Fairy Tale Domestication.

Geek in the City Comics represents the best in indie comics, support them today!

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Hollyanna McCollom’s “Moon Portland”-

Are you a carpetbagging transplant to PDX? Do you have visitors coming from out of town and want to empower them to find their own points of interest? Were you, perhaps, born here but wonder what you might have missed in this fine town. For any of these possibilities, we would like to point you to the wonderful guide, Moon Portland.

Longtime Oregonian resident, and PDXYAR pirate, Hollyanna McCollom covers the best of the Portland area — including the Cultural District, the Alphabet District, and Alberta Street. She provides a variety of travel strategies such as The Best of Portland, Pint-sized P-Town, and Rainy Day Portland. The guide also covers the most popular sights, including Ankeny Square, Skidmore Fountain, Union Station, and the Alberta Art Walk. Complete with expert tips on the best dining that spans different cuisines, as well as the best bars and nightclubs, Moon Portland gives travelers the tools they need to create a memorable travel experience.

The book is available in both paperback and Kindle edition.
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The PDXYAR Holiday Shopping Guide- the Music

The crew of PDXYAR wanted to give you a hand with your holiday shopping this year. We’ve put our heads together and assembled a list of gifts you won’t find in any of the most mega of mega stores. What started as a cool idea turned into a labor of love as this guide consists of the artists, artisans and businesses that we admire.

Since the list grew beyond the length we first envisioned we have broken it up into a few different posts and we’ll be putting them on the website over the next few days.

Today we are starting with music.

Marian Call

Ms. Call is the only out-of-towner on this mostly all local list, but she has so won our hearts with her talent, genuine personality and charm.

Marian hails from Alaska but can often be found touring North America at the speed of light. Her songs are quirky geeky eclectic acoustic confections that taste like vanilla cinnamon chipotle something. She sounds a little like Joni Mitchell meets Jason Mraz meets Regina Spektor — or perhaps like the lead church choir soprano went all Ani DiFranco.

Marian’s just released a double album, “Something Fierce.” You can get, and her other albums from her website.

Visiting her website (where you can listen before you buy)
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The DoubleClicks

If for some reason you don’t know these Portland treasures, now is the perfect time rectify that grievous oversight. The Doubleclicks are a comedy/nerdfolk sister band that sings about Dungeons and Dragons, beatboxing, and lots and lots of heartbreak.

Currently the DoubleClicks have two albums for sale, “Blatant Pandering” and “Beta Testing 1-2-3.” both of these, very reasonable priced, wonderful offerings are available for digital download here (

You can also find out more about the DoubleClicks via:

Visiting their website (where you can listen before you buy)
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Kielen King’s Star Pilot’s Lament

Whether you know Kielen (kee-lin) only as a member of the, nearly award winning, “Geek in the City Radio” podcast or an artist, his latest album is a Force to be reconded with. In fact, the term album is somewhat misleading in reguards to “Star Pilot’s Lament” as it is a musical sci fi epic.

“Follow the trials & tribulations of a star pilot as he heads from one end of the galaxy to the other and find out just how bad-ass one star pilot can be…”

You can listen to the tracks and then purchase the “Star Pilot’s Lament” in either a standard or deluxe set from the website.

While you are the site, check out the selection of t-shirts for sale. Not only does he have Star Pilot’s Lament shirts, but “Fun with Race” (his infamous segment on Geek in the City Radio) and “Token Black Guy” tees as well.

You can also find out more about Kielen via:

Visiting his website
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Fatboy Roberts’ Geek:Remixed

You undoubtedly know Fatboy from the “Cort and Fatboy Show”, Geek Trivia Night, his sociological, and sometimes anthropological, Twitter-borne observations from his daily Max train rides or from one of his other many other exploits. But, have your heard his remix of popular geek themes? From Star Wars to Star Trek, The A Team to the Princess Bride, he has taken the music of the movies and television shows we love and remixed them into something new and awesome.

In all there are three full Geek: Remixed albums avalable for download and get this- they are all FREE. Talk about the best price ever. Go now and grab them all from his website.

You can also find out more about Fatboy via:

The Cort and Fatboy website
Following him on Twitter
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Check back tomorrow for the next installment.

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