The Time has Come: The League Season 5 Finale!

Are ye prepared to cross blades and stand in the face of thunderous cannon fire as ye match wits with cagiest pirate captains ever to sail the seas of a constructable strategy game?  Ye had better be, for it is time for the PDXYAR Pirates League Season 5 Finale!

The finale gets underway at 7pm on Saturday, February 26th at Guardian Games.  The event is open to all ages and anyone interested in playing, not just current league players.  Please note that minors will not be allowed entry to “The Critical Slip” bar area, and current league players must play under the current point restrictions (click here for details).  If you are not a league player you may construct any fleet they desire from the three sealed packs they receive for paying the entrance fee.

Speaking of the entry fee, this will be $20.  For your money you will recieve three packs of “Pirates of the Cursed Seas” and five tokens good for a drink or slice of pizza.

You will be playing for first of all glory and the honor to unseat the season 4 defending champion, Seacrest.  As well, we will have glorious prizes for those who compete and the League winner will be awarded the trophy until the next finale.

What: The PDXYAR “Pirates of the Cursed Seas” Season 5 League Finale
When: Saturday, February 26th
Who: Anyone- League players, non League players, all ages
Why: Glory, fun, pirates, prizes, pizza and beer
Where: Guardian Games
303 Southeast 3rd Avenue
Portland, OR 97214
(503) 238-4000

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