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Pirates League Scenario: Monday, July 19

Posted by Redgoat On July 18, 2010 ADD COMMENTS

We’ve been sailing to so many different shores over the past few weeks that this latest League night was completely off me map!  We’re reachin’ back into the annals of history fer this game and have pulled a scenario that hasn’t been seen since Season 2!

Pirates League Scenario: Monday, June 21

Posted by Redgoat On June 21, 2010 2 COMMENTS

Who knows what dangers await when ye make port in Shipwreck Cove?

Pirates League Scenario: Monday, May 24

Posted by Redgoat On May 18, 2010 ADD COMMENTS

Give yer Pirate fleet a rest fer this game.  They’ve claimed gold on ALL the islands and ye will need more than a fleet of canoes and sloops to take it back!


Posted by Redgoat On February 15, 2010 ADD COMMENTS

Read on, mates.  This be the event you’ve been waitin’ for…

Pirates League Scenario: Weeks 8 & 9!

Posted by Redgoat On February 1, 2010 6 COMMENTS

Avast mates!  Season 3 of the PDXYAR Pirates of the Cursed Seas League is but three games away from its end!  Since we of the Brethren Court are generous pirates, we decided to give ye a bit more time for yer fleet building.  Read on fer details of the next TWO games…

Pirates League Scenario: Monday, January 25

Posted by Redgoat On January 19, 2010 3 COMMENTS

Do you spend most of yer games avoiding terrain? Are you content with leaving Reefs and Sargasso Seas safely in yer wake? No longer! Let no joyful voice be heard once you enter… THE MIST!

The lowdown on Monday night SAVAGE WORLDS

Posted by Sven Forkbeard, Emperor of the North On January 18, 2010 ADD COMMENTS

As you may already know, the Admiral has been forced to take a short leave of absence from our biweekly Savage Worlds game. I thought it might be helpful to put all the info in one place, so here goes: Monday January 18: No Savage Worlds game, open Pirate gaming. Monday February 1: One-off Savage  [ Read More ]

Pirates League Scenario: Monday, January 11

Posted by Redgoat On January 6, 2010 ADD COMMENTS

In which Captain Drakestongue mixes his metaphors… er, games!

Pirates League Scenario: Monday, December 28

Posted by Redgoat On December 16, 2009 ADD COMMENTS

All yer El Chico belong to us…

For the Mother Land!

Posted by Redgoat On October 12, 2009 ADD COMMENTS

Ahoy! We’re barely back in port from Penumbra and game night is already upon us! If yer plannin’ on joining in on the fun this evening, bring a 40-point Spanish fleet with ye. Our Pirates of the Cursed Seas game scenario is in “celebration” of Columbus Day. Tonight… perhaps more than ever… GOLD WINS THE  [ Read More ]