Join the PDXYAR Crew at the Sock Dreams Halloween Party

Have your plans for Friday night yet?  If you do, cancel them and join up with the crew of PDXYAR at the Sock Dreams Halloween Party!  There will be music, theatrical entertainment, face painting and Style Ink will be there to do wild makeup and hair for guests. If you made it to the party last year, you know the main event is the costume contest where you can win up to a $100 Sock Dreams gift certificate.

Join us: Friday, October 22  from 6pm – 8pm

Sock Dreams Sellwood Shoppe

8005 SE 13th Ave Portland, OR

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THE SWASHBUCKLER’S BALL- A Benefit for the Portland Pirate Festival

PDXYAR, in partnership with the Dread Ship Outrageous Fortune, are proud to announce

The Swashbuckler’s Ball

A Benefit for the Portland Pirate Festival

Saturday, November 20 2010
7:00 PM – Midnight
Melody Ballroom – Portland, OR

Help keep the Portland Pirate Festival afloat! will be the flagship for information on the event.  Check out our Swashbuckler’s Ball Official Site and keep a watch for signals as more details become available.

PDXYAR Hoists Canvas to Help “Sail for the Cure!”

Join the Oregon Women’s Sailing Association and the crew of PDXYAR and  in “making breast cancer walk the plank”  today at the 11th annual “Sail for the Cure.”

You don’t have to be a weathered seadog to attend this family friendly event.  From experts to novices to those whom have never stood upon a rolling deck are welcome at the Portland Yacht Club to participate in a daylong schedule of sailing fun, games, activities and of course pirates.  If you have never attended “Sail for the Cure” before, click here for handy information on what to expect.

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PDXYAR, and some good mates, will be providing a decidedly pirate flare to this great event.  Some of the morning’s piratical highlights include:

  • PDXYAR will be presenting a sword battle demonstration as well as musket salute to kick off the sailing event.
  • We will be joined by Luc the Lucky and Margot La Mechante de Marseilles, the organizers of the Portland Pirate Festival, who will be providing music during the morning.
  • We will also be joined by Captain Morrigan Quicksilver, of Quicksilver’s Pirate Pots
  • Randy Gardner of Parrots 4 Show will be on-hand with his flock of live parrots

During the evening’s reception, loosen your purse strings for making donations and partake in various carnival-style games run by, of all things, pirate carnies.  Included in that will be a Liar’s Dice challenge.  Our very own champion will take on all comers with prizes and glory on the line!

Stay tuned throughout the day to not only, but follow us on Twitter and visit our Facebook page for updates.

For more information:

Visit “Sail for the Cure”


Portland Pirate Fest: Here thar be PDXYAR Pirates!

Calling all pirates, buccaneers, privateers, free-booters, scalawags and persons who tend to turn into complete scoundrels with the consumption of rum- get ye to the Portland Pirate Festival!  This weekend, September 18th and 19th, Cathedral Park in Portland will host the best pirate party this side of Tortuga and PDXYAR will be in the middle of it all.

If you are anywhere in the northwest, you owe to yourself to take in this unique and entertaining event.  While we suggest visiting the Schedule page of the PPF website, the following list highlights activities sure to attract the attention of PDXYAR fans.

The PDXYAR Encampment

Visit the rogues of PDXYAR to take in Epic Scale interactive Pirate gaming, the Scarlet Dove living history camp, and the Rose City Rogues.

The Scarlet Dove
Epic Scale Pirate Gaming

The 1st Annual Stumptown Beard & Mustache Competition

Do you think you have the whiskers to take a prize?  Then step right up and compete in the first Major Beard & Mustache Competition in Portland!  Visit The Stumptown Beard & Mustache Collective website for details and take your stab at facial follicle fashion fame!

The Dreadnoughts

Make it a special point to take in the music of The Dreadnoughts on the Quarterdeck Stage, Saturday at 9pm.

The Guinness World Record™ attempt for “The Largest Gathering of Pirates”

Just last year, the Portland Pirate Fest brought the world record for “The Largest Gathering of Pirates” to Portland by gathering 1,670 pirates together.  Alas, for the record has been taken from us.  But all is not lost!  This year PDXYAR will once again be a part of the attempt to retake the record.  We need to gather 7,000 pirates together .  Come out on Sunday and be counted with us!  For more information about how you can help reclaim the record, visit the pre-registration webpage.

Meet the Crew!

Throughout both days keep a weather eye for PDXYAR crew strolling the festival, most likely with tankard in hand.  Whether you come across them at the PDXYAR Camp or in line for grog, say hello, perhaps give them a hug and ask them about how it feels to be a pirate!  There could be a shiny bit of swag in it for you (note: swag presentation not necessarily dependent on the duration, nor tightness, of the aforementioned hug).