Wonder Northwest Returns for Round Two of GLORY!

Make a clean sweep fore and aft, brace the mizen and set out the boarding netting for Wonder Northwest is luffing up on the larboard quarter! That is a call that should set your feet aflitter for there is naught else that celebrates all that is geek like this event..

Returning for the second, year Wonder Northwest brings together the best of all things popular culture and puts it in one place. Come out to see guests such as the Doubleclicks, the Alter Egos Society, Robot Uprise, Atomic Arts, PDXYAR and many more over the course this Saturday and Sunday. There will be panels and workshops, vendor booths, live music, a costume contest, a film festival and even Geeklesque!

All of this, and more, for the ridiculously low price of $8 per day or $15 for the weekend.

The Swashbucklers of Stumptown, PDXYAR, will be on hand once again this year to insure the pirating subculture is properly represented. We will be engaging in mock combat performances, performing shanties and manning the PDXYAR booth where you can acquire fine wares from our mates at Forge & Thistle. If that wasn’t enough to keep us busy, we are also putting on a panel!


Perhaps panel is a misleading term. What we are putting together is more of an interactive panel workshop. Presented on Sunday at 2pm, Under the Black Flag: Welcome Aboard El Tiburon! is both both a living history discussion and an interactive role playing game. Attendees are welcomed to “join the crew” of El Tiburon and will be given a simple mission to go along with learning the tasks and challenges of sailing the vessel. Functioning very much like a “choose your own adventure” story, you will be able to learn the duties of officers, as well as the common daily tasks of the crew, aboard 17th century tall ship through example and hands-on role play.

For a full listing of all the Glory visit the Wonder Northwest site by clicking here.

Geek Olympathon is Upon You!

Once again the seminal moment of your geek year is upon up. We are talking about the annual opportunity to prove your inner geek Kung Fu is strong as you pit your mind, body and even your very soul against other like minded individuals with #GLORY! and fabulous prizes on the line.

Yes, the PGC3 Geek Olympathon is upon us.

PDXYAR will be taking part in the festivities again this year as we return with both the epic Liar’s Dice Tournament as well as the Ye Olde Scallywag Hunt! This year you will be competing for gold, silver or bronze coins. Those coins are worth 30, 20 and 10 points and at the end of the day you will turn in your coins to determine your overall placement in the Olympathon. Read on for the details of how PDXYAR can help you achieve geek glory.

Liar’s Dice

One member of each team will play against four pirates in a five player game. Each game will last roughly 20 minutes.

There will be two location where Liar’s Dice will be played:

10am – 1pm at the Backspace Cafe
2pm – 5pm at the Magic Gardens (21+)

Don’t be intimidated if you have never played Liar’s Dice. Our pirate trainers are standing by to teach the ways of the game!

Ye Olde Scallywag Hunt

Think of it is a scavenger hunt, but instead of looking for a thing, you are hunting pirates! We will post clues to Twitter and Facebook on which member of the PDXYAR crew you are to find and you will race the other teams to find them. Each round will start with posting photos of your targets and will be followed by three clues, the first being the hardest, and getting progressively easier. The object is to find the scallywag and post of photo of you with them to Twitter or Facebook.

Your reward for achieving this lofty goal is a shiny coin. We will award gold, silver and bronze coins to the first, second and third team to find and post a photo with the target. This year we are making a modification to the rules: each team can only be awarded one coin. We will run four rounds of the game, so everyone will get a chance for the GOLD!

Tips and Tricks

  • Don’t forget to use the Twitter hashtag #olympathon throughout the event and #scallywaghunt for during our competition. #olympathon trended huge last year, let’s do it again!
  • To make sure you get all the clues, Follow @PDXYAR on Twitter or “Like” PDXYAR on Facebook.
  • When you post the photo of you with the target, make sure to mention or tag PDXYAR so we can be sure to see your victory.
  • Just because you see a pirate walking someplace, don’t assume that they will be the next target. We will be employing decoys to ferret out those who might want to get the edge on the competition.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and don’t be afraid to hustle. This game was very popular last year so you are likely to be up against some stiff competition.
  • Since your team can only get one coin, you might want to employ some game theory. You have 4 rounds to acquire a coin of varying point values, if you see that someone else has won the round do you go for the silver coin and the sure points. or do you wager on being able to get the gold in the next round? The evaluation of risk/reward vs the probabilities of placing should keep you busy for a while.

Pirates, Swords and Cannons and #%@! the “Classroom” Experince!

The cataclysmic crash of cannon stealing the air from your lungs, the explosive report of a musket as it’s butt drives back into your shoulder and the feel of a blade leaving your hand to spiral towards a distant target all have the power to transport one back through the veils of time to a more romantic age. These things can anchor us to a history where men and women sailed the seas without the benefits of satellites to tell them where they were, or to traverse trackless, and often hostile, forests without even a map. It can remind of us of when only a campfire provided light and bereft reality television and smartphones bearing a thousand MP3s the only entertainment was the telling of tales and the joining of voices in song.

Photo courtesy of Byron Dazey

This tether to the past is part of why the pirates of PDXYAR do what they do (well, that and the rum).

Now though, we would like to share it with you in a way you wouldn’t be able to even if you were to visit us at the firing line at the Rockaway Beach Pirate Festival or at the infamous Thunder Ridge at the Portland Pirate Festival. No this time we don’t want you to watch us perform, we want to teach you to do it.

PDXYAR has teamed up the preeminent outdoor educators of TrackersPDX to create a wholly unique two day, overnight, learning experience. Together we have put together a course of safe hands-on training with cannons, black powder small arms and bladed weapons.

Intrigued yet? You really should be.

You will come away from this weekend with a wealth of experiences that you simply can not acquire elsewhere. TrackersPDX and PDXYAR will teach you to be a part of a gun crew for both carriage mounted cannons and single mortars. You will not only learn to load and shoot a variety of black powder weapons, but engage in a target shoot to demonstrate your new skills. You can even polish your boarding party skills by learning to throw knives, daggers and tomahawks.

Even the location and accommodations for this class will be memorable. Being held at Camp Tracker in Sandy, you will be camping in either a custom built yurt or tipi, eating meals prepared in a wood fired outdoor kitchen and at night you will hear tales of high seas and learn sea shanties around the campfire.

Now, waste not a minute and make like smoke ‘n oakum over to the TrackersPDX site for complete class details and to reserve your place now via the link below!

Time for Free Comic Book Day!

Trivia Question: what is the significance of the first Saturday in May?


Yes, that’s right. Free Comic Book Day is almost here! Of course this means you need to make plans to visit your local Things From Another World on Saturday, May 5th. The good folks at TFAW have put together a stunning collection of comic book creators, who will be at all three Portland area locations. And that is on top of the special free comics–while supplies last–as well as big savings, and even the beginnings of TFAW’s astonishing Mega Sale.

PDXYAR will, once again, be adding a decidedly pirate flavour to the day as we will be on hand at the Milwaukie & Portland Things From Another World locations. We will be singing shanties, engaging in a fight or two and of course posing for pictures!

Now if you find yourself not being able to make it to the Portland or Milwaukie locations, do not fret- all is not lost. While there won’t be a pirating presence at the Beaverton TFAW (not officially at least), there will be duly sworn representatives of the Empire and even the Rebel Alliance will be on hand throughout the day. As the great folks from the Vader’s Fist, the 501st Legion’s Cloud City Garrison will be joined by the Kashyyyk Base Rebel Legion at the Beaverton TFAW store from 11am until 6pm. While they will definitely be posing for photos, I can’t promise you will get any intergalactic shanty singing out of them though.

When: Saturday, May 7th from 10am until 7pm
Cost: FREE (hence the name)
Where: The 3 Portland area Things From Another World locations (details below)

TFAW Portland, OR

9:00 am: Doors open!
12:00-2:00 pm: Signings with the following creators:
* Jonathan Case – Artist for Dark Horse Comics’ The Guild FCBD book
* Terry and Rachel Dodson – Artists for Uncanny X-Men and Defenders
* Emi Lenox – Creator of EmiTown
* Steve Lieber – Artist for Alabaster, featured in Dark Horse’s FCBD books
* Jeff Parker – Writer for Hulk and Thunderbolts
Plus: The pirates of PDXYAR.

Follow them on Twitter

4133 NE Sandy Blvd.
Portland, Oregon 97212
(503) 284-4693

TFAW Milwaukie

9:00 am: Doors open–enjoy free coffee from Spring Creek Coffee House, while supplies last!
10:00 am: Trackers Earth will demonstrate how to shoot a bow and arrow like Hawkeye! (Note: foam arrows only.)
12:00-4:00 pm: Live-action Heroclix.
All day: Kids’ art table.
Plus: The pirates of PDXYAR.

Follow them on Twitter

10977 SE Main Street
Milwakie, Oregon 97222
(503) 652-2752

TFAW Beaverton


9:00 am: Doors open!
2:00-4:00 pm: Signings with the following creators:
* Ben Bates – Artist for Archie’s Sonic the Hedgehog FCBD book
* Amy Mebberson – Artist for Strawberry Shortcake and Muppets
* Chris Samnee – Artist for Ultimate Comics Spider-Man and Serenity
* Brandon Seifert and Lukas Ketner – Writer and artist for Witch Doctor

All day (while supplies last):
Free Starbucks coffee for customers starting at 9:30 am!
Demos and giveaways from Game Trader.
Free cookies from Subway.
Plus: Stormtroopers and other Star Wars characters from Cloud City Garrison and Kashyyyk Base Rebel Legion.

Follow them on Twitter

4390 SW Lloyd Avenue
Beaverton, Oregon 97005
(503) 643-4222

Pirates Return to the Space Room Lounge!

Legend has foretold of a shining city beneath a towering mountain where culture and peace flourish. Yet, the Ancient Seers knew it was not to remain so for long. They have seen visions of great sails billowing and a stout wooden vessel making port in the the fair city under a flag of black. They have seen a great horde of ill favored men and stunning, yet contumelious, women coming ashore and descending, in the way of a mannerless rabble, upon a local public house month after month.

As it has been foretold, Pirates are returning to the Space Room!

Yes, indeed, after a holiday hiatus, the plans for the PDXYAR, Dangerous Kids and The Space Room Lounge to present “Pirates” are now complete. Not only is this much loved event returning, we have all worked together to come up with some improvements we hope will be to your liking.

The first change to Pirates (v2.0, if you will) is sure to make you happy. No longer will the event be held on Thursday nights! Instead, in order to preserve your sick days (and ours!) “Pirates at the Space Room” will now be held on Friday nights. In fact, you can plan right now to join us on the second Friday of every month.

On top of the usual singing of shanties, amazingly delicious (and dangerously potent) special drinks and general tomfoolery, you can look forward to a few new additions. One such addition is a Liar’s Dice Challenge. In this you will be able to challenge a pirate to a game of Liar’s Dice and if you win… well, let’s say there is a reward that certain state and local regulations prohibit us from discussing in an open forum.

The first of the new and improved “Pirates at the Space Room” will be Friday, February 10th from 8pm until midnight. After that will be occurring every 2nd Friday of the month. Make your plans, grab the number to your favorite cab company and we will see you there!

When: Friday, February 10th from 8pm until midnight (then every 2nd Friday of the month)
Where: The Space Room Lounge
4800 Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard
Portland, OR 97215
(503) 235-6957

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The 2nd Annual Ocracoke- A Pirate Gathering

Legend has it that near the end of his infamous career, Blackbeard came up with a plan to fortify a base to make it into a pirate haven. The location for this endeavor was to be village of Ocracoke, in the North Carolina colony, where many believe the pirate had established a “business relationship” with the colonial governor.

In memory of this idea, our good friends from The Copper Coin Festhall are presenting “Ocracoke- A Pirate Gathering” in Centralia, Washington, this weekend.

The 2nd Annual Ocracoke- A Pirate Gathering kicks off on Saturday, January 14th at 1pm. This 21 and over event will be featuring games, shanties, grog, belly dancers, performers and food. PDXYAR will be on hand to provide not only shanties, but also a performance featuring the sultry stylings of The Broadsides.

If you are not familiar with The Copper Coin Festhall, it be not your typical bar. Harkening back to an earlier age, The Copper Coin operates essentially on the concept of Bring-Your-Own-Booze, but with a twist. Just bring a bottle of rum, vodka, whiskey, tequila,or whatever you like and give it to the bar. Then you get to drink what ever you like all night. The Copper Coin has a large selection of cocktails and tasty drinks they can serve. Simply put, be good to The Coin and they’ll be good to you!

On top of the delightful entertainments and fine drinks, here will be a free dinner on Saturday night, as well as a free breakfast Sunday morning.

For those coming from out of town, a special discount rate has been set up with the King Oscar Motel of Centralia. Tell them you are with the Pirate Gathering and you can get single rooms available for $40 or a double room for $45. Follow this link for contact information.

When: Saturday, Jan. 14th 1pm
Cost: $15
Where: Fords Prairie Grange Hall
2640 W. Reynolds Ave, Centralia, WA

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F**K! Hum-Bug!: THE HOLIDAY Variety show SPECTACULAR!

Join PDXYAR for our very last event of the year as we particpate in F**K! Hum-Bug!: THE HOLIDAY Variety show SPECTACULAR!.

What is this show you ask? Let’s just say it is celebrating the season with an utter lack of the gentility found around your archetypal family dinner table. While your family gathering may require a certain level of, often painful, decorum you can join us at the Someday Lounge to become one with your baser side. We’re talking bucket loads of profanity, nudity, (choreographed) fights and more.

Besides PDXYAR, as well as a performance from PDXYAR’s own “Broadsides,” you can look forward to a host of other entertainments including:

Drag Queens
Live music from the Bridge City Underground
Megan Spear from Jared Mees and the Grown Children
Delaney and Paris
The Morals
performances from local pottymouths: Doc Luben, Johnny No Bueno and others
Plus much more.

Head over to the Facebook invite for this invite, get more info and make your mark as attending!

When: Friday, December 23rd
Time: 9pm- 12am
Cost: $5
Where: Someday Lounge
125 NW 5th, Portland, OR 97209

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The PDXYAR Holiday Shopping Guide- the Apparel

In our first installment we talked about music (click here if you missed that) now we are turning to some of the fine places and people who can dress you in just the right clothing. Behold the Apparel Shopping Guide!

Sock Dreams

The fabulous folks of Sock Dreams keep the the drawers of PDXYAR full with stripey knee-highs, and well they should: nobody knows socks like Sock Dreams! Whether you’re looking for men’s or women’s, tights or anklets, wool, cashmere, Nordic patterns, sharks, or anything and everything in between, they’ve got you covered from the toes up. They do more than socks, however; check their accessory selection of garters, arm and leg warmers, petticoats, and more! The best part? Order online and get free shipping, every day, anywhere in the US! Their staff is second to none, always ready to answer questions and, if you ask nicely, make a little doodle on your shipping invoice.

Visit their website
Like them on Facebook:
Follow them on Twitter

Midnight Armor

Ava and Lagers, members of PDXYAR and owners of Midnight Armor, specialize in custom design costumes and accessories. Whether you’re looking for a piece to complete your set or a brand new ensemble, if you can dream it up, they can make it reality! Their specialties include period-appropriate pirate, Victorian, Renaissance, and Medieval garb, Steampunk, 501st approved Star Wars armor and more for both men and women. They pride themselves on the quality of their craftsmanship and promise to make you never want for an “off the shelf” costume ever again! Everything they make is built to be lived in and make your alternate (or not so alternate) ego become a reality! Contact them now for a free costume consultation!

Like them on Facebook
Or contact them via email at ava@pdxyar.org or lagers_j@comcast.net

Damsel In This Dress

Official outfitter of many of PDXYAR’s wenches, she makes us all look drop-dead gorgeous on every budget. Her shops boast skirts of many lengths and bustles, hats, and her signature steel-and-fiberglass-boned corsets with ingenious twists like the empire corset (for the bellydancers and the pregnant wenches!), hoods, collars, long tails, short tails, two-piece sets, bustles, buttons, gunshell casings, garters…your options are virtually unlimited! Her deals on Artfire and Etsy are wonderful if you want premade and she takes customs for any design you could possibly need.

Visit her Website: http://damseldress.com/
Like her on Facebook
Shop on Artfire
Shop on Etsy
Follow her on Twitter

Sakkara Clothing & Costume

Kim Sakkara is a PDX-based seamstress to bellydancers who like to look good and be comfortable, but her gorgeous costumes and accessories also work beautifully for piracy and firedancing! A bellydancer herself, Kim knows how to craft clothing that flows and flatters the movements of the wearer. Her lace and velvet works are utterly comfortable and yet look more stunningly beautiful on stage than something that feels as easy to slip on as yoga pants has any right to be. She outfits for every size, so both the petite and the goddess-sized can shop together, have excellent selection, and the advice of a woman who can create for all shapes.

Visit the Website
Like her on Facebook
Follow her on Twitter


Finally there is one way this list could be complete without including DressLikeaPirate.com.

DressLikeaPirate.com began in 2003 and has since grown from just a dozen or so items of clothing to 600 products at last count, and they don’t count each size and color choice to come up with that number. It has moved from a spare bedroom in an apartment to the entire bottom floor of a multi residence building. Their main focus is on personalized service, the best customer service ever seen from a website, and to put a face on who you are sending your money to. When you visit the site, they want you to feel that you are walking into their stylish boutique where they hand you a cup of rum, take your measurements, and dress you .

Visit Website
Visit on Facebook

(UPDATED) Stumptown Artisan Emporium & Bone Shaker’s Tea Parlour


This Saturday join us for a very special event where you can enjoy, “Findings, Finery, Frippery and Fashion for the Discerning Time Traveler!” at the Stumptown Artisan Emporium & Bone Shaker’s Tea Parlour..

The organizers of this affair have sought out purveyors of creative, handmade crafts, replica or vintage, clothing, costuming, jewelry, accessories, props, hats, cosmetics, ephemera, décor etc. We love re-purposed, up-cycled, and re-cycled goods and put them in one place for your shopping pleasure. As well they have encouraged vendors be garbed and bring wares representing “Time that Never Was, but Yet May Be” (i.e.: Gothic, Fantasy, Steampunk, Cyberpunk, Anime and Sci-Fi Fandom), and historical eras including, Medieval, Renaissance, Elizabethan, Georgian (18thc Pirates!), Regency, Pioneer, Civil War, Old West, Edwardian, Jazz Age and Mid-20th Century periods. The combination, not to mention the Bone Shaker’s “pay what ye will” Tea Parlour, will create something beyond your everyday trade faire.

Attractions Include:

Yuletide shopping for unique & handmade creations
Be entertained by colorful characters!
Recharge and relax in Bone Shaker’s “pay what ye will” Tea Parlour
Music by: Faerabella, Blair Vail, Professor Gall & the What the
Dickens?! Carolers
Gaming & Shanty-Singing with the PDX YAR Pirates
How to Make a Jellyfish Ha/Costume Demo- Join the herd, bloom, smack!
Mrs. S’s Tiny Hats Traveling Show: Decorate a a Tiny Top Hat- $5.00
Enjoy a visit from a jolly old elf!

PERFORMANCE SCHEDULE: Subject to change!

Ongoing in the Tea Parlour:
Pirate Gaming , Tasseography (Tea Leaf Reading) , Divination/Tarot demos

1:00 pm
PDXYAR Pirate Shanty Sing -a-long

1:30 pm
Jelly Fish Hat Costume Demo
Join the Jelly herd, bloom, smack!

2:30 pm
The Tiny Top Hat Traveling Show $5.
Design your own hat!

3:00 pm
What the Dickens?! Carolers (non-traditional carols)

4:00 pm
Blair Vail Mackin

5:00 TBA

6:00 pm


Anglin Artisan
Autumn Steam
Avery Milieu Millinery
Blair Vail
Bratty Hat Company
Conjure Oils
Dancing Heron
Dangles and Baubles
Deadly Darlings
Delightfully Deviant
Forge & Thistle
the Gorgonist Illustration
Gothic Beagle
the Green Wolfe
the Guiding Tree
House of Six Cats
Lady M’s Hats
La Vie Macabre
Love Flow Creations
Mary Marvin Art
Mystic Rose Wear
the Notorious Mrs. S &
the Tiny Hats Traveling Show
the People’s Republic of Portland
PDX YAR Pirates
Professor Gall
Questionable Vintage
Rose City Steampunks Collective
Silver Tide Jewelry
Spider Sewing
Starr Photography
Sugar Dolly Dry Goods
Stumptown Kilts
Tarot Readings by Janet
Thistillium Pottery
TinPlate Studios
Upcycle Studios

What: Stumptown Artisan Emporium
Cost: Free!
When: Saturday, Dec. 10th 12-8 pm
Where: Taborspace/Mt Tabor Presbyterian Church

5441 SE Belmont Street , Portland
downstairs- enter on SE 54th

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PGC3 Presents the Epic WINter Formal

On Friday the 16th, the The Portland Geek Councll of Commerce and Culture is throwing their second annual holiday gala. After last year’s incredibly successful “Geeky Wonderland”, the PGC3 returns this year with the “Epic WINter Formal.” Join PDXYAR and other PGC3 member organizations at the Someday Lounge for this free event, with special performances, activities and door prizes.

This will be an evening of music, games, dancing and entertainment to remember. From 10pm until 1am, gloriously geeky sets will be featured onstage from Critical Hlt Burlesque, Cognition:The Robot Uprlse, The Unscriptables, Sock Dreams and yes, PDXYAR. There will also be the musical stylings of Reverend Mrs., with DJ sets provided by Mr. Romo and Michael Grimes between 6 and 10pm. Throughout the night you can partake in some free-play classic video game cabinets, provided by Ground Kontrol.

Costumes are not required at this open to the public event, but they are encouraged.

Lest I forget to mention- there will also be great door prizes donated by Geek in the City, Guardian Games, Ground Kontrol, Backspace, Jupiter Hotel and many others.

Lastly, while this is a free event, a $5 donation at the door will gain you access to the VIP Area. Here you will enjoy a private cash bar and retro game consoles. All proceeds will go to benefit the Children’s Healing Art Project

When: Friday, December 16th from 6pm to 2am
Cost: FREE (with the option of a $5 donation to enter the VIP area)
Where: Someday Lounge

125 NW 5th Avenue
Portland, OR 97209

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