Beat the Heat with Pirates and GLORY!

With the temps hitting triple digits here in PDX most folks are looking for ways to avoid the heat. Sure, you could seek the the shade like an overheated lion on the savanna, but PDXYAR has a better option for you. In fact we have two!

The Rockaway Beach Pirate Festival

Once again PDXYAR is returning to the streets of Rockaway Beach for the Rockaway Beach Pirate Festival and this year we have a very full schedule. The crew will be performing black powder demonstrations, a gunnery show and even fire dancing. Join us on Saturday night for a beach bonfire and later for a pub raid on the Sand Dollar Lounge.

This is a pirate event you do not want to miss!

And on top of that the tempatures will only be in the 70s.

And then there is that other option I mentioned…

Seafair Pirates Landing

If you are looking for a more northerly course this weekend, PDXYAR also has crew at Alki Beach to support our mates of the Seattle Seafair Pirates in their annual Seafair Pirates Landing.


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